Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Planning: week #3

I'll be honest. I'm a little broke this week. Got a few bills to pay so this week is all about digging through the freezer and cupboards and seeing what I can come up with.

Going to have to rely on some old favorites.

The kids heave a big sigh of relief!!

Recap: week #2: unbenownst to me The Hubs cooked up all the pork for tacos so on Tuesday went looking for it. No pork. No wonder we had sooo much taco meat. Plan B: In 'n Out cheeseburgers all around (it had been a busy day anyway). The chicken nuggets recipe turned out blah. Nothing that I couldn't have figured out myself and it's something I The Hubs could definitely make better. The BLT's were awwwwesome (we ended up adding a piece of black forest ham to use it up)!! And of course the ribs were {kisses fingers} mmmmmwwwaaa....
Menu Plan Week #3
Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Hamburgers
sides: again with the fries?! sheesh!!, veggie

Wednesday: Pork Shoulder Chuck Steaks (say that 3 times fast)
(asked The Hubs if they were pork steaks, he said "well no, they are....")
sides: polenta (a recipe I got from Kate from over at With Heart Full of Daisies), veggie (or something)

Thursday: B4D
(breakfast get it)
don't know what I'll do with this yet...quiche, omelette's, pancakes?

Friday: Take-Out
(our "reward" for paying bills :p)

Saturday: Soup and Sandwich
those croissant-wiches from last week were a big hit! might as well strike while the iron is still hot....(not to mention how eeeeeasy it is)

I'll be honest, we eat take-out or fast food about once a week or so. I let my kids eat a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich if they want it. What I don't do is buy full meals at fast food restaurants. We all get a cheeseburger (or whatever) and split an order of fries. We never eat inside. I take it home, cut the cheeseburgers in halves for the Littles (my two younger children) split up the fries and they drink milk. They get some fast food and I feel better about the portion control.

If I'm feeling adventurous I'll put a sheet down in the living room and we'll eat in there while watching a movie. It's a nice change and the kids feel like they're doing "something wrong" (or "cool" in Picky Pants words).

What do you do about fast food? Do you go often? Jazz up pizza by adding your own toppings?

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Mo 'Betta said...

I am so terrible at menu planning! I've got to really start trying, now that school has started and after-school activities are going on. I need to try the 'picnic in the living room' - my kids would think I'm awesome and we haven't done that in forever...thanks for the reminder ;)

Miz Helen said...

Hi Paulina,
Your menu for the week looks great and I would love to come over for a good Hamburger. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!
Miz Helen

kileen said...

wow, you're good at actually planning a menu at the start of the week! i almost always just rely on old favorites for the weeknights, lol! good luck with everything!

cute & little
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She is Sara said...

Awesome idea with the fast food!