Saturday, April 27, 2013

You're freaking me out, man!

I'm feeling a bit maudlin today so let's talk about things that freak me out, shall we?

1. Statues freak me out.

I'm both repelled/fascinated by them. I irrationally believe that they move. When I come across statues I will stare for a long time almost daring them to blink. Of course they never do. I'm not crazy I do know that statues don't move/aren't alive but a tiny, little-girl part of me thinks they do when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. Probably stems from watching Clash of The Titans when I was like four. Or what about that Doctor Who episode with the weeping angels. *chills*


2. Really deep water freaks me out.

When swimming in deep water I have a feeling that a wet hand will reach up out of the darkness, grab my ankle and drag me under. Or, I'll be swimming under water and come across a lost city. Complete with statues. Talk about having a heart attack!


3. Snakes freak me out.

I hate them. I don't care if it's a harmless grass snake, I loathe them. I remember in fourth grade there was an animal show-and-tell in the library, complete with a snake. The animal handler pulled it out of the cage and walked around having the kids pet it when she came to me I said "No." She said "C'mon, it won't hurt you." I said "NO!" then climbed up on the bookshelf and wouldn't come down until she put it away. True story.

(I'm not putting a picture up, just looking at them grosses me out.)

4. Haunted houses freak me out.

I believe that residual energy resides in old houses. I've walked into houses where I had to walk right back out again, the energy just creeped me out. This is one of the reasons I haven't bought a house yet who knows what happened in there and what the real estate agent isn't telling you.


5. Those windup monkeys with the cymbals freak me out.

Those creepy little faces staring at you - *shudders*. And you know that when it's all nice and quiet in your house for some reason they will start playing their cymbals. When no one is around to have set it off!!

I mean, really, look at that face. It wants to eat you. via:

All of this probably stems from watching too many scary movies and Tales from The Darkside when I was younger.

What irrationally freaks you out??

Uh-oh, I gotta go check under my sofa for snakes.....