Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday tunes two-fer

It's no secret that I love everything French. I'm a regular Francophile.

And French men are no exception.

Mais, bien sur!

I find them highly irresistible.

(o.k. maybe not all....Gerard Depardieu, I'm looking at you...)

who me???

But they do have a certain je ne sais quoi. Let's list some qualities, shall we?

1. Schmexy!

           via: francolin.com

Chef Ludo Lefebvre. C'mon,he was the high-light of The Taste (although even he couldn't keep me watching after like 3 episodes) and he's definitely got a bad boy aura.

2. Snappy dressers.

                      via: elle.fr

Vincent Perez. He makes that pinstripe look good. Even in jeans, sweater and a scarf it just looks so effortless. Not sloppy. And they can pull off wearing bright colors without looking preppy/trying to hard.

3. Creative.

               via: funkyhousemusic.com

Martin Solveig. The videos from his last CD Smash were meant to be like a little movie and I never got tired of watching them. Go further back in his career and you'll find some good stuff just check out Something Better and C'est la vie. Heck even Madonna wanted him for her "Hey Now" video.

4. Mysterious.

                                          via: The Guardian

Daft Punk. Who are those masked robots? Haha, I had to throw that in!! But yeah, I love these guys...er...robots...er...

Buuuut, I have yet to go to France although.....I have decided next summer is my time! Already making plans and saving $$$.

Ok, where was I headed with this post.....

Oh yeah, when I hear this song, which I do like by the way, it makes me think not of an American Boy but a French one and my saying this:

Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day.
Take me to Café de Flore, I'd love to see The Louvre.
I really want to, come pick it with you.
You'll be my French boy.

track #5 on my travel playlist:

And now the two-fer part of the programming:

(I scoured the web looking for the original, could not find it, so sorry about the quality)

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holli said...

Interesting songs. Thank you for linking up with us at Tuesday Tunes. Holli

Helena said...

Wow! A few good looking French men indeed! Vincent gets my vote !

Great song choices. Girls Aloud videos always fascinate me, they've got great group presence. Oh, and I happened to come across this address for the official video. Hope it works!


Les said...

Okay so I've never heard of Girls Aloud, but they're catchy! Also, I still can't help but dance along whenever I hear "American Boy". So fun!

Thanks for linking up with us!