Tuesday, June 18, 2013

True blaaahhhd.

I haven't been keeping up with True Blood.

I don't have HBO so that might be a good reason. ha!

I did borrow the first season from the library (last summer, nonetheless) and watched it. In French with English subtitles.

I don't know why. It just seemed more romantic that way. If True Blood can be described as romantic.

Although after watching an episode or two I would emerge into the real world expecting to hear people around me speaking French (with a thought bubble translation - ha!). That's what happens when I watch a foreign film - I expect everyone to be speaking that language, it takes like a minute for my brain to readjust. Does that happen to you?

Anyway....while I did get caught up in it, I never did watch the subsequent seasons. I had HBO free for the last 4 days and recorded all the episodes hoping I could watch and maybe get caught up.

Uhhh...no.  I have no idea what is going on. I thought Sookie loved Bill, now she's kissing some other dude. Someone tried to burn her house down. And does she have some new powers? Not to mention all the other weird stuff that's been happening around Bon Temps. I guess before I start watching newer episodes I gotta go back and pick up season 2. I think that's a great idea.

I did fall in like with this song. It's kinda sexy/creepy. It's a gotta bluesy/country vibe. I just really like it.

track #6 on my travel playlist

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday tunes two-fer

It's no secret that I love everything French. I'm a regular Francophile.

And French men are no exception.

Mais, bien sur!

I find them highly irresistible.

(o.k. maybe not all....Gerard Depardieu, I'm looking at you...)

who me???

But they do have a certain je ne sais quoi. Let's list some qualities, shall we?

1. Schmexy!

           via: francolin.com

Chef Ludo Lefebvre. C'mon,he was the high-light of The Taste (although even he couldn't keep me watching after like 3 episodes) and he's definitely got a bad boy aura.

2. Snappy dressers.

                      via: elle.fr

Vincent Perez. He makes that pinstripe look good. Even in jeans, sweater and a scarf it just looks so effortless. Not sloppy. And they can pull off wearing bright colors without looking preppy/trying to hard.

3. Creative.

               via: funkyhousemusic.com

Martin Solveig. The videos from his last CD Smash were meant to be like a little movie and I never got tired of watching them. Go further back in his career and you'll find some good stuff just check out Something Better and C'est la vie. Heck even Madonna wanted him for her "Hey Now" video.

4. Mysterious.

                                          via: The Guardian

Daft Punk. Who are those masked robots? Haha, I had to throw that in!! But yeah, I love these guys...er...robots...er...

Buuuut, I have yet to go to France although.....I have decided next summer is my time! Already making plans and saving $$$.

Ok, where was I headed with this post.....

Oh yeah, when I hear this song, which I do like by the way, it makes me think not of an American Boy but a French one and my saying this:

Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day.
Take me to Café de Flore, I'd love to see The Louvre.
I really want to, come pick it with you.
You'll be my French boy.

track #5 on my travel playlist:

And now the two-fer part of the programming:

(I scoured the web looking for the original, could not find it, so sorry about the quality)

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Save me, I'm lost

In this big world of ours do you ever wonder what it's all about?

Why am I here? What am I doing? Am I living my life according to someone else's wants? Will I ever accomplish my dreams?

Balancing the needs of four other people have left me feeling unbalanced.

I need time to do what I want, to recharge without worrying about others.

I want to get into my car and just drive and drive.

I'm looking for something, wanting something but I don't know what.

I've been feeling sad and unfulfilled.

My heart is heavy, my soul has a hole.

How do I throw off this mantle of weariness?

What do I want out of life and how do I accomplish it?

I need to get back on track but where's the road?

I'm stuck in the mud and have lost my way.

My GPS has charged down, my compass is spinning in circles.

Which way is North?

Which way to fulfillment and happiness?

song #4 on my travel playlist

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bout of Books read-a-thon

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 13th and runs through Sunday, May 19th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 7.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

Bout of Books
Time Devoted to Reading:
Two hours a day all week. (I usually read like 1/2 a book every week, so my goal is to push myself to finish 5 books)

Would also like to comment of 5 other participants' blog every day and write a review for each book read.
Books to Read:
Sorceress - Lisa Jackson
The Innocent Spy - Laura Wilson
City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare
From Boardroom To Wedding Bed? - Jules Bennett
Unlacing The Innocent Miss - Margaret McPhee
(I have stacks of romance novels, perfect time to read a couple)


Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read:

This is my first time participating so bear with me if things get a little screwy around here! If this sounds fun to you hurry and sign-up the link closes tomorrow.



Thursday, May 9, 2013

The ubiquitous hall pass

Hall pass.

In high school it meant that you were free to walk down the halls from one destination to another as slowly as possible.

But as a grown-up I guess it has now come to mean that you have a "pass" on your marriage. Is it for one night? One week? I don't know.

I'm not a fan of the "hall pass". How many marriages can really survive the whole free-to-do/who-as-you-like? It conjures up images of Indecent Proposal. I couldn't do it because I wouldn't want my husband to do that.

I'm of the jealous type.

But....that being said, if in some weird alternate universe where I could get behind the "hall pass" these are the 5 guys who would definitely be on my radar, if ever given the opportunity.

This is just for fun, y'all.

Johnny Depp, of course. (The only brown eyes of the bunch. Oh, those soulful brown eyes....)

Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester of Supernatural fame.

Misha Collins aka Castiel also from Supernatural.

This dude. What's his name? Wait a sec, let me look it up....ok...Tyson Ritter of All American Rejects.

Ummm...had to add him. Thomas Mars of Phoenix.
OK, it looks like I definitely have a type. Messy brown hair, blue eyes and a bit of scruff.
So cute!!
Do you have a type? In an alternate universe who would be your "hall pass" guys?
Inquiring minds want to know!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A song and some (more) fears

Whenever I go on a road trip I like to make a mix CD. It's good for long hours in the car and for making memories.

It's also good for introducing my husband to new music.  ;)

I've started compiling my list since I've got about 20 songs or so to find to fill up the CD and I've got to send a mood so don't know what will make the final cut.

I thought it would be fun to use these "Tuesdays Tunes" in the coming weeks to showcase what has attracted my attention so far.

So, here's.....

#1 - Take You Higher - Goodwill & Hook n Sling

Can't get enough of this one!

Also, I recently came across this blog challenge for May hosted by Jenni at Story of My Life. She has a list of topics for every day in May to help us fellow bloggers get back to basics and maybe not stress so much about what to write! *Thank you, Jenni!*

Today's topic is: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

I did do a post about this very same subject about a week or so ago - before I found this challenge - but as it's just silly stuff (except for snakes. Snakes are not silly).

Let's get serious for a minute.

What I'm afraid of:

1. Dying without having traveled the world.  Traveling all over the globe is one of my biggest dreams and I'd hate to be on my death bed without ever doing that. That scene in Up always gets to me, you know that one where his wife is dying and she never fulfilled her dream. Makes me so sad.

2. Living in a post-apocalyptic world. I'd hate to live in a Mad Max(ion) type of world where everyday is a struggle and you have to fight for everything.

3. Being in the same town, the same house, having the same job for years and years. I'm a nomad at heart and I couldn't possibly put down roots in a town and stay there for my whole life. I gotta move every couple of years or I start feeling hemmed in and get really restless.

I better stop there before I pour out my heart and feelings. It's getting late and I don't want to start to ramble. As it is I'm getting tired and afraid that I've haven't made much sense....

(ha, see what I did there!)

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

You're freaking me out, man!

I'm feeling a bit maudlin today so let's talk about things that freak me out, shall we?

1. Statues freak me out.

I'm both repelled/fascinated by them. I irrationally believe that they move. When I come across statues I will stare for a long time almost daring them to blink. Of course they never do. I'm not crazy I do know that statues don't move/aren't alive but a tiny, little-girl part of me thinks they do when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. Probably stems from watching Clash of The Titans when I was like four. Or what about that Doctor Who episode with the weeping angels. *chills*

via: deceptology.com

2. Really deep water freaks me out.

When swimming in deep water I have a feeling that a wet hand will reach up out of the darkness, grab my ankle and drag me under. Or, I'll be swimming under water and come across a lost city. Complete with statues. Talk about having a heart attack!

 via: messagetoeagle.com

3. Snakes freak me out.

I hate them. I don't care if it's a harmless grass snake, I loathe them. I remember in fourth grade there was an animal show-and-tell in the library, complete with a snake. The animal handler pulled it out of the cage and walked around having the kids pet it when she came to me I said "No." She said "C'mon, it won't hurt you." I said "NO!" then climbed up on the bookshelf and wouldn't come down until she put it away. True story.

(I'm not putting a picture up, just looking at them grosses me out.)

4. Haunted houses freak me out.

I believe that residual energy resides in old houses. I've walked into houses where I had to walk right back out again, the energy just creeped me out. This is one of the reasons I haven't bought a house yet who knows what happened in there and what the real estate agent isn't telling you.

via: mundoesotericoparanormal.com

5. Those windup monkeys with the cymbals freak me out.

Those creepy little faces staring at you - *shudders*. And you know that when it's all nice and quiet in your house for some reason they will start playing their cymbals. When no one is around to have set it off!!

I mean, really, look at that face. It wants to eat you. via: etsy.com

All of this probably stems from watching too many scary movies and Tales from The Darkside when I was younger.

What irrationally freaks you out??

Uh-oh, I gotta go check under my sofa for snakes.....


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I've been wanting to write this post for a li'l while now and now is the perfect opportunity.


c/o guardian.co.uk

Their new CD drops April 23rd and from the two songs I've heard so far it's....


I'm beyond stoked. I've waited 4 years for this and the last time I saw them was 2010...so I'm pretty much "AAAAHHHH" *jumping up and down*

And don't forget to set your DVR's for April 6th, they are the musical guests...and yeah some actress named Melissa McCarthy might be hosting...whatevs... (ha,ha! - naw, she's pretty funny)

Without further ado here are the two songs that have been on constant replay at my house:

So artistic...non?

You'll have to go to this tumblr site to hear Drakkar Noir.

Which I've been listening more of - maybe it's all the jingle jungles...

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Light a fire

I gotta light a fire under my butt today and get moving.

See, I fell on Tuesday and bruised myself up pretty bad.

All because of the stupid fire alarm.

I set the self-cleaning thingy on the stove and because something had spilled on the bottom the house got smoky then the fire alarm went off. I went upstairs to open the windows and turn it off. As I'm standing on a rubber tub (because the stools were rickety and I was afraid I was going to fall - the rubber tub seemed the safest option) pushing the buttons on the alarm - which didn't work by the way. So I was like "well I'll just take the batteries out for a little while until the smoke dissipates", well that didn't work either because there are no batteries in it. It's like connected to some wires in the ceiling or something. Anyway I'm frantically trying to somehow turn it off because the beep, beep, beep is now piercing my brain and then of course, wouldn't you know it, the phone starts ringing.  So know I'm under pressure to turn off the damn thing and answer the phone.

Well....the tub buckles under me, slips and I fell off. So much for that "this will be safer than a stool" thinking.

I'm not a graceful faller. I twisted my wrist and scraped my knee. I lay there for a minute going "sssss....ow.....sssss...ow."

The smoke detector stops on its own, the phone stops ringing.

And I'm laying there.

That floor is really hard.

The next two days I'm really sore. Now I have a big ugly bruise on my knee. No skirt for my today.

Because I've been sore I haven't done a thing. Nothing!

Now, today life is encroaching on me and I gotta get moving.

Perfect day for this song. Which I've been listening to quite a bit lately and even woke up singing this morning. If it gets stuck in your head too...you're welcome!

I wanna cut my hair like hers.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wearing and Watching: oufit #5 & a white snake

Well my friends....I'm on to outfit #5 and the brown streak continues.

dress: white stag - thrift - .50
loafers: o'connor & goldberg - thrift - 2.00
hat: my mom's diy
What i like: this dress is totally outside of my comfort zone what with being plaid and all. I know right, crazy! It's got two functional breast pockets, buttons down (except for the last 4 non-functional buttons. what?), 3/4 length sleeves that can roll up and button into short sleeves and it was for the low price of 50 cents!
I have a thrift store in the neighboring town that is a house converted into a store, run by cute li'l old ladies and in one room the clothes don't have price tags. Whatever items don't have price tags they just stuff into a bag (and they can stuff alot) and you get the whole bag for 2.00! I have found some cute sweaters, a couple pairs of jeans and this dress in that room. That's how I keep getting items for approximately .50 and it might even be lower depending on how much was actually in the bag, I don't always remember how much I buy.
And that's my problem. Hence my shopping ban.
The Moms wanted to see if this hat would match. So to humor her, you know...but I was pleasantly surprised I thought it was cute.
I bought this little item last month. I thought it was cute and was only $1.85.
It's a piggy bank and on top it says *pennies for paris*
It's already half full, ha! But I think it's gonna take quite a few more fill-ups to afford a trip to Paris.
I'm excited! Tonite The Sorceror and The White Snake is on! I thought is was coming out this year but I found out it premiered in 2011 and it's on the hdnet movie channel tonite!! It's got Jet Li and looks totally trippy and cool. Got some snacks on hand and a bottle of wine for my viewing pleasure.
Also got In Time in the mail, another movie that came out in 2011 with Justin Timberlake. Have you seen it? Is it good?
I just gotta hurry and watch so I can get disc 2 of season three of Gilmore Girls!! I'm a little behind the game on that one but man is it goooood! Any Gilmore Girls fans out there?
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watching and Wearing

What has two thumbs and watched last weeks episode of New Girl twice?

This girl right here!!

Am I excited about this weeks?

You betcha!!

I haven't seen any previews so I'm going in blind. Will they sweep the kiss under the rug? Will Jess tell CeeCee? Will they profess their undying love for each other? Will they kiss again? What about Sam?

Did you guys watch the big kiss?

I've just gotten into New Girl at the end of last year and have been rooting for a Jess/Nick (Ness?) hook-up, but more than just a hook-up - a full on relationship. He's always there for her, watches out for her and their quirkiness compliments each other. They would be so darn cute together. Or would a relationship mess with the whole roommate dynamic?

So many questions!!

Another show I've just gotten into this season is The Bachelor. Are these girls for real? I mean really after what like 4 weeks now you're talking love. Yeah, Sean is cute and all but he's locking lips with practically every girl there. They have to fight to have "time" with him, they'll all like "this is my one chance for love" and last week when Sean took that one girl on a shopping trip she was like "no one has ever treated me this well before or bought me jewelry before". Really?! Girl, I feel sorry for you. Man, I was getting jewelry back in middle school and yeah, I want to feel special on my birthday so dude better step up!

These girls are just ridiculous! That's why Cupcake and I enjoy watching - to talk smack! ha!

And Sean, I'm tired of seeing your good side - what are your flaws? Do you leave your towel on the floor? Your dirty socks? Hate broccoli?  What are they?! And how come no-one is asking him these questions?

Didn't watch last night's episode so got some TV watching to do tonite. Better get a bag of popcorn.

Here's today's outfit. I've been in a brown kick lately. Probably going to wear my brown plaid dress tomorrow.

Outfit #4

*was going for a "right hand in a trench coat" look* (ha)
slacks: new york and company - thrift - 3
tshirt: faded glory - thrift - 2
sweater: basic editions - thrift - .50
flats: bongo- kmart - 10
what I like: These slacks are brown with a gold stripe running through them so they are more festive in person plus they have back pockets. I have a thing about needing back pockets.
The T is soft and is bit longer in back than the front. I guess I would call the sweater variegated and I like the button detail. The flats have a little bow on them and they are just cute and comfy.

*goodbye roll hello crunches* :/
I just noticed today that the previous owner hemmed these up so I had to take out the hem today hence the "no ironed" look! ha! but at least they are not ankle pants anymore which I thought would work with flats. No.

So, yeah. How's your day been! :)

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Wearing: Outfit #3

As I'm sure all of you have heard...Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring.


For all of you Spring lovers this is good news. I'm not a Spring lover.

I like the Fall and Winter seasons thank you very much. Don't get me wrong I do like flowers and the *occasional* day out in the sun. ha! But along with March comes Daylight Savings time (mehh), worrying about bathing suits and in three short months the kids will be back home for three long months. (ha! it's not all bad got sleeping in, hiking, concerts and vacations to look forward to!)

I've always wanted to go to Gobbler's Knob (can you believe that name?!) to see this 126 year old tradition but with upwards of 15 to 30,000 people each year it just ain't my scene.

Hey, Phil call me when there's like 5,000 people. That I can deal with.

And Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, that I can really deal with. Watching that movie is a time-honored tradition up there with watching Christmas Vacation every December.

Well, anyway here are some really bad shots of Outfit #3. My mom is the only one with a full-length mirror so don't mind the mess. It ain't mine, it's all hers! And yes, she does collect bears like she collects Betty Boop.

sweater dress: merona - thrift - 7.00
sweater: crazy horse - thrift - .50
belt: came with the dress
booties: danexx - thrift - 5.00
*my photographer cut off my feet!*
what I like about this outfit is the button detail on the sweater it's like a mini-peacoat but in a sweater(!) and the dress has long sleeves, a nice thick feel with a cowl neck and a cute leopard print belt.

No tights today I wasn't feeling it. The whole search-for-the-right-ones, pulling-'em-on, making-sure -I-don't-slip-on-the-ice-and-rip-them (which happened last week btw)-and-then-eventually-taking-them-off just sounded too exhausting! Mondays are spent on blogs, books and my boy. Not usually a dressy day but I got this whole deal with myself and don't want to poop out too early. HA!
After those bad pics of me thought I'd leave you with a cute one of Little Monster dressed as Batman (he's a total camera ham and brings a smile to my face!)
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p.s. excited to watch The Bachelor tonite as they are in...Montana! I really just want to see what fun things they do so I can get some ideas...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wearing: 28 days

And no, I'm not talking about the movie.

I'm talking about a 28 day shopping ban. Just as scary though, I know!!

I've been shopping, shopping, shopping all through January - call it post-Christmas blues or something but I was feeling blah and an easy fix to the blahs is to do a li'l shopping. Thrift and new.

But now it seems that I have amassed quite a bit and coupled with what was already hanging around in my closet I'm almost literally buried in clothes.

Friday night, after doing some more shopping (I can't resist a good clearance sale), I said to myself

"Self, this is enough!"

"You have so many clothes you don't even know what you have anymore."

and I said back, well not really because that would be crazy...

"You're right. I'm going to implement a shopping ban for February and on top of that see if I can wear a different outfit every day instead of going for the tried and true."

I stamped my right fist against my right palm and then and there committed myself.

If I start to waver please pull me back!!

So here is Outfit #2 (yesterdays was nothing to write home to mom about - or take a picture of for that matter - just some black slacks and a striped top.)

skirt: maurices - thrift - 5
cardi: maurices - thrift - .50
white t: gap - old - ?
leggings: ? - walmart -?
boots: decree - thrift - 14
*suck it in, suck it in*
The 40 degree weather around here necessitates leggings worn with everything.
My plan is to not wear my favorite stuff early on in the game because then I would be stuck with the uglies come the last week. (nah, jk closet none of you are ugly. ha!) You girls know what I mean, right?
Well, here goes nothing (except my sanity - ha!)
relax and good dressing,

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another reading challenge!

Came across another reading challenge it's Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance hosted by Book Chick City.

I'm going for One Howl which is 12/UF PNR books read in 2013.

And...I've already finished my first one!

Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)  I've finally jumped on the Parasol Protectorate bandwagon and boy am I glad I did! This book was witty, fast moving and you just gotta love the characters. Lord Maccon and Alexia Tarabotti make a great "love to hate you" couple. I wish Lord Akeldama was my friend (ha!) and that Professor Lyall had my back. I liked Alexias confidence and her unwillingness to be just like every other girl. Though she far from a girl, what with her being a long-shelf-life spinster. I liked Alexia's "curiosity" when it came to romance with Lord Maccon, just satisfying a curiosity roused by the books she had read. ha! I really dug this book and have now checked out the second one today. Looking forward to diving in!

My only complaint was that it didn't have enough of the steampunk elements I was looking for. I was kinda expecting a steampunk saturated world, a la The Iron Duke although that book was pretty smutty (left me blushing, ha) and Soulless had cute romance scenes, which I preferred. I just want more steam technology. I have acquired a bit of a steampunk obsession and I want more. (see this website I'm drooling over and can't wait to buy something, anything, from it!)

Over all I rated this a 4/5 simply because the characters were interesting enough that I wish that I could meet them and I rushed out to get Changeless, which is saying something.

relax and good reading,

oh, so this fulfills #1 on the UF/PNR and letter S on the A-Z challenge.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK...
...to conveniently "forget" to set out something for dinner tonite and have to run to the store to pick up one of their pre-made chicken dinners.
...to still not be happy with Face-Off this season.

...to still be mad Roy got kicked off. (still!!)
...to be frustrated with my car, it's falling apart and no-one seems to know why or how to fix it.
...to be kinda excited about said clunker and the whole process of looking for a new car.
...to be uber excited about two new movies: The Sorceror and The White Snake and Tai Chi Zero.
...to still be thinking about Looper, man that movie threw me for a "loop". (ha! see what I did there?!)
...to go to my mom's house just to drink coffee because I ran out and it's been like three days since I had some. (man, I'm ready to go now!)
...that my computer crashed cause now I can get that pretty red laptop I've had my eye on.
...to be relieved that basketball season is almost over (schools) that means no more dropping off at the ungodly hour of 5:45am and picking up at 10:00pm.
...that I didn't exercise yesterday because I was still sooo sore from doing a new routine on Monday.
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Wearing: red, black and gold

 jeggings: Capelli, bb&b, $10
sweater: Dana Scott, thrifted, $3
boots: Decree, thrifted, $14

Hi, y'all.

I thought the hat warranted that type of greeting.

So, what to say today??

Hmm...I found these boots at a thrift store (finally!) barely worn, if at all, calve length, zippered, buckled, with a faux fur lining and my size! I had the cashier hold them for me while I ran to the ATM since they didn't take credit/debit. I had to have them. Five minutes after I gave them to her to hold some other lady was like "those are cute, if she doesn't come back call me I want them." I had to interject and say "Oh, I am coming back!"

So, today I paired 'em with these red jeggings I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were half off. I knew I shoulda gotten the blue pair too. I kick my butt for not. They are comfortable, soft and have back pockets. I only wear jeans/slacks with back pockets, I hate the "flat" butt look. Or whatever it's called.

The sweater is big and comfy and throws a li'l glitz into the whole thing.

Well...forgot to set out something to defrost for dinner tonite so gotta go to the store and buy a chicken dinner...dang it. ha!

Can I say I'm uber excited to see these two movies: The Sorceror and The White Snake and Tai Chi Zero?

Do y'all like fun kung fu movies too?

OK, that's enough rambling for now.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Question Friday!

linking up today with: 5QF hosted by My Little Life

1. If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island, which 5 books, movies, people and foods would you take along?
Books: War and Peace, Faith of The Fallen, 1st Wheel of Time, Phantom of The Opera, A Tale of Two Cities
Movies: Wanted, Salt, Skyfall, A Christmas Carol, Licence to Kill
People: Just the four other members of my family
Foods: bananas, pork steak (a lot of it!), nacho doritos, donut holes, mango juice

2. What is your thought on year round school?
I'm a traditionalist. I like the school year how it was when I went to school. Off in June back after Labor Day. Although my kids go to a school where they have longer days but have Friday off. It was hard to get used to as I always wake up on Friday thinking it's Saturday. But they like it and it's good for those impromptu weekend getaways.
3. What is your most embarrassing potty story?
I don't have one that's embarrassing but that being said I, 90% of the time, happen to walk in the bathroom after the previous person has....well....to put it delicately...gone #2. I swear, It always happens.  And then I cough and gag and sometimes even walk right back out again. I can't stand a smelly bathroom (well who can right?). I don't understand doing that in a public bathroom, that kind of stuff is for one's private lavatory. I really gotta carry a small can of glade with me.
4. What's the temperature where you are?
34 degrees today. Wow, that's warm! (ha!) Lately it's been like 20 or below even got to -8 one night.
5. Are you a winter/spring/summer/fall person?
Most definitely Fall. It is no longer hot (I hate the heat) but not yet freezing, leaves are changing colors, Halloween(!) and of course my birthday. School is back in session and it just seems like the beginning of a new year to me with new clothes, fresh notebooks and sharpened pencils. And...the anticipation of the holidays!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's OK!

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Its Ok Thursdays
IT'S OK...
....that I felt slightly unfilled when I realized I left a bag of groceries on the counter at the grocery store.
....that I felt frustrated when I couldn't find the receipt for said groceries so couldn't prove to the manager that I did leave them.
...that I got annoyed at the bank teller when I handed her a 20 and asked for quarters and she gave me an annoyed look. (That's your job!)
...that I'm mad because two tablets have broken within the space of two months. What do I do now? Call the store or send it to the manufacturer?

...that I think Coby products are a piece a -! That's what a get for being a cheap skate.
...that I'm now totally wrapped up in The Bachelor. Never watched it before and now I can't get enough. (C'mon Sara!)
...that I'm apprehensive about this season of Face Off - was so disappointed when Roy got kicked off that I stopped watching it.
...that I'm nervous/excited about working tomorrow.
...that I'm hatin' the snow right now.
...that I'm really mad at the post office for losing the package I sent to The Hubs for Christmas. FOR CHRISTMAS!!
...that after doing one strand on the loom I put it aside (for now). I don't really know what I'm doing.
...that I said "Again" and sighed when Cupcake came downstairs wearing one of my favorite comfy, cozy sweaters.
...that I want to go shopping for myself today. New jeans!!
whew! that feels better!! think I'll be doin' this more often :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reading: Blood Orange Brewing

Blood Orange Brewing (A Tea Shop Mystery, #7) Social darling Delaine Dish is throwing a lavish Candlelight Concert to raise funds to restore a run-down Victorian home-and Theodosia Browning is more than happy to help out with tea and tasty treats from the Indigo Tea Shop.

Unfortunately, the unveiling of Theo's opulent spread proves to be far from grand after retired CEO and beloved politico Duke Wilkes falls to the floor with a jagged piece of metal protruding from his neck. When the Widow Wilkes begs Theo to apply her sleuthing skills, she can't refuse. But her investigation opens up a simmering pot of shady politics and personal payback, and Theo soon finds herself in a situation stickier than any jam she's ever served.

source: goodreads

This book fulfills the "B" in the A-Z challenge and What's in a name: kitchen category.

This is my first Theodosia Indigo Tea Shop mystery and I wasn't too impressed. Everyones name is funny: Delaine Dish, Pookie Wilkes and more but I can't remember (turned in book yesterday). The plot is a little slow, the murder happens in the first chapter and I never saw the resolution coming. I mean, it seemed a little far-fetched it was kinda just thrown in at the last chapter. Some things didn't add up like why was Theo's dog kidnapped? To throw her off the trail? If they hadn't kidnapped her do she would never had figured it out and they would have gotten away (with it too). So, I guess that was why it was thrown in. Was Peyton's cat a cat or a jaguar cub? That was never solved and I really wanted to know. Is it in the next book? Then I'll never find out because I probably won't pick it up. The characters were a bit annoying. Did like Drayton though, he was my favorite. Delaine was a complete nitwit, Theo had a love/hate thing going with the detective, it's like kiss already and get it over with. Put us out of our misery.

I did like the descriptions of tea and the recipes put at the back of the book. I'm so intrigued by tea now that I went out and bought some China Oolong Tea yesterday. Gonna have a cup after posting. My mouth is watering for tea.

So, there's that at least. Although I did shed a tear on the last page, it was a nice beautiful ending but I just didn't see that whole thing coming, there should have been more clues.

I would not recommend it and would give it 2 out of 5 mainly because of Drayton, the whole cat/cub mystery and a new-found interest in tea.


Wearing: Feelin' a bit stripey

Over at Marionberrystyle the trend of the month is stripes. This is my first time doing "trend of the month" and as it just so happens I bought a couple of stripey things on my last jaunt at the thrift store. The perfect time to showcase 'em.

shirt: bobby brooks: thrifted 2.95
skirt: cherokee: thrifted 4.00
tights: ?: walmart ?
booties: coasters: thrifted 2.00 (never worn!)
beret: diy

Got the whole horizontal and vertical stripe thing goin' on. Wasn't sure how it would work out but I actually like it. It's not too dizzying.

But in these pics it's like looking at a fuzzy TV screen. Not the case IRL, I assure you.

Stripes!! I don't know how to explain the weird hand gestures... ;) At least I'm not subjecting you to the argyle hoodie I was wearing. Argyle and stripes? I don't think so. It's so cold here like 8 degrees, I had to put on something. But hey it is in the same color scheme so I'm not offending others - too much! ha!

Goin' to go see how others incorporate stripes...

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for some reason got this song stuck in my head: maybe it's how i feel about stripes and argyle together! ha!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Reading: Wife 22

Just finished up Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon. It seriously only took me 4 days. That is probably a record for me. This book grabbed me from the first chapter and since the chapters are short I just breezed right through them.

Wife 22 Maybe it was those extra five pounds I’d gained. Maybe it was because I was about to turn the same age my mother was when I lost her. Maybe it was because after almost twenty years of marriage my husband and I seemed to be running out of things to say to each other.

But when the anonymous online study called “Marriage in the 21st Century” showed up in my inbox, I had no idea how profoundly it would change my life. It wasn’t long before I was assigned both a pseudonym (Wife 22) and a caseworker (Researcher 101).

And, just like that, I found myself answering questions.

source: goodreads

I picked this baby up on Wednesday and just finished it this morning. It was a cute, fast read. I liked that it was written first person, which most always grabs me and that the chapters were so short. Although with short chapters comes the "I'll put it down after I finish this chapter" but then bleeds into more and more.

Some of the chapters are facebook updates, her answering the questions or even a dialogue of what went on at one of her best friend Nedra's dinner parties.

This book begs the question: are we too involved in our social media to really see what's going on around us?

How often do you check facebook? How often do you have a real conversation IRL? Are you ignoring your family and the pressures that come with it for a virtual world?

I don't have a facebook but I do find that I can lose myself in a book when I don't want to face reality, pressures and obligations.

Sometimes it's good to raise ones head and take a good look around. Exactly what one wishes Alice would do with her family. Is she losing her husband, her kids? What really is going on between her and Researcher 101? Will she ever live a satisfying life?

I did shed a few tears at the very end. This does wrap up in a pretty tidy bow but it's the journey there that is really cute and funny.

I did find that having the questions at the end of the book and only her answers at the beginning of chapters a little annoying but I just bookmarked the questions and flipped back and forth which can be frustrating if you are reading this one-handed. Also I just found out this book will be made into a movie. Why? I ask.  And how can it really translate into a good movie? It's the reading of it and the facebook updates and how Alice describes the dinner parties that really make it funny. I just don't see this will translate onto celluloid and I probably won't go see it. Just like I refuse to see the Stephanie Plum movie. (I mean, Katherine Heigl, really?!)

I would recommend this, I even felt the need to answer the questions myself (there's about 90 or so them) and I would give this a 4 out of 5. (The questionnaire at the back left something to be desired and I'm disappointed that there's going to be a movie not every good book needs to become a movie. More people just need to go the library.)


Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Question Friday

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1. Flu mist? Flu shot? Or take your chances?

Definitely take my chances. No-one other than The Hubs gets flu shots. No-one, other than The Hubs, gets sick around here. Seriously. I haven't been sick for about two years. If I call in sick at work I'm most likely faking it, if the kids get sick it only lasts 24 hours. Cupcake hasn't been sick for over a year, neither has Little Monster. *knock on wood*

2. Do your kids have iPads? What are some good educational apps? Price?

No. I don't have one either. So.....yeah...skip.

3. What are your favorite boy/girl baby names?

Boy: Oliver and Harry. Girl: Sophia and Constance. The Hubs and I couldn't agree on names so none of the kids got these names. :/ but...their names are pretty cute anyway...

4. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, which apple do you choose to eat? (red/green, gala, red delicious...)

I don't like apples. I'd rather eat oranges and bananas.

5. What is your favorite place to escape to for peace & quiet, to think? Why?

In house: bathroom. It's quiet I can turn on the exhaust fan and hear nothing outside of those walls! Ha! Also a nice warm shower is always conducive to thinking. Outside of house: the library. Again, it's quiet and everyone else is intent on thinking or reading. I can find a nice cozy corner and not be bothered. Now if only I could bring some coffee, I'd be set!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

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 1. Grab your current read
2. Open to a random page.
3. Share two "teaser" sentences from that page.
4. Include book title and author

O.K. this is my first time participating in Teaser Tuesday, expect this will become a regular feature around here.

I'm always reading, always have a book on hand or two or three. Since I'm reading two books at the same time this week, I'll share from both of them.

Blood Orange Brewing (A Tea Shop Mystery, #7)  "This accusation, compounded by an insult, was just too much for Theodosia. 'Please be serious,' she said in a voice dripping with ice."
Blood Orange Brewing, Laura Childs

The Innocent Spy "And all those questions about Guy-sheer impertinence, not to mention bad taste. And pretending he was about to kiss her...The worst thing about it all was, she had no-one to blame for any of it except herself."
The Innocent Spy, Laura Wilson