Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lace-like or not-likely-lace

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

I could also name this "I almost forgot!"

I let last month pass by without voting on the Everybody Everywhere. ohhhh...shame on me.

And then before I knew it lace had been chosen...all without my valuable input!!

I don't have anything lacey...except for some ---  mhhhhmm -- unmentionables and I'm not about to wear my innerwear as outerwear -  yet.

Frantically throwing clothes around my closet searching for something, anything, lacey I stumbled across this little number. Will it do?

It'll do. I think...

 Feelin' picture happy today, I guess. this shirt is lace-like, gauzy and see through. With four rows of lace-like ruffles.
Diggin' through the ol' closet I came across plenty of crochet items....but I don't really think crochet is lace, I think it's its own category. What do you think?

Along with EBEW, Inpiration Monday and Bloggers Do It Better I've decided to participate in this round of 30 for 30. Yesterday's outfit and todays are going to be part of my rotation. Luckily, everything is black or grey and all goes together. Not to much thinkin' going on...yet....because I have yet to pick out the rest of the 30...or 24 as it were. This is my first time so I wanna make sure and pick stuff that all goes together - a li'l shopping may be in order.... 

How many fun outfit challenges do you participate in?

But, more importantly, is this shirt lace-like or not-likely-lace?

I leave it in your hands.


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardening Gnomes

Sunny day. :)

Perfect for gardening.

Perfect outfit for gardening.

Inspired by Inspiration Monday today. It was easy to do. Did not have to rake my brain on this one.

from Two Birds
Easy comfortable style but, to be honest, I don't know much about Liv Tyler. Other than her parentage and those movies she was in, you know that trilogy that had beautiful scenery and magic of some sort....

my little if only The Hubs would put that !@#$ umbrella up!
Not sure what I'm doing here...but I like how it turned out...

I'm contemplating what to plant next. The Hubs planted corn, tomatoes, lettuce and green beans. The girls want pumpkins and strawberries. I'm thinking herbs.  We're going to put some more grass where I'm standing, make a nice li'l pathway. I'll have to take pics in a month or so when everything is (finally) filled out.

The 'fit:
shorts: Old Navy/thrift/4.50
shirt: ?(label fell out)/thrift/2
tank: Old Navy/store/4
sandals: ?(no label)/Wise Buys/2
Total: $12.50

Now on to the footwear. I don't have any cute sandals like in the inspiration pic. But I did pick these up last weekend at Wise Buys. I have a friend who works there and told me that they were an awesome sidewalk sale with clothes and shoes for $2-3!! I went, I shopped, I spent $39!! Not what I had planned on spending but with Cupcake and I finding shirts and whatnot in our sizes and for only $2 it was hard to not say "Get it!" but those items add up quickly! I'll have to post what I bought later...because I also went yardsaling (?) that day and picked up some treasures! :)

Ok...truth...just kidding about the whole gardening thing.

I didn't really do yard work in those shoes.

I did it in these.


p.s. now on to find some lace
p.p.s. I don't have any gnomes....maybe I need one. Don't they bring good luck or something....??

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silly Stuff and Sunshine

Good morning. Or afternoon. Or evening.

I was missing from blogger for about 12 I feel like playing catch-up.

Let's start with a fun game called "10 Facts About Me".

                  1. I like Coke better than Pepsi, but prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke.
2. I read magazines back to front
                  3. I drink a lot of coffee, probably like 6-8 cups a day, but yet..
4. I'm rarely awake after midnight. Although lately,
          5. I've had a bit of insomnia so The Hubs and I have been watching old shows like The Rockford Files and b&w Sherlock Holmes. Then afterwards...
6. I read books about the French Revolution.
                7. I hate top 40. I only listen to webradio and have been stuck on for the past few months. (that's why it's hard for me to have a good time at the crappy clubs my city has - they all play top 40. It's an insult to my ears after listening to all day. Sorry S, let's go karaoking!!)
8. I'm afraid of very deep water, (afraid something's gonna grab my leg or I'll look down and see..), statues (probably stems from watching Clash of the Titans when I was like four) and snakes (when I was in 3rd grade an animal handler came to my school and tried to make me touch a snake when I said "No" they still tried to force it on me until I climbed up on the bookshelf and sat there until they left. - true story)
          9. I play the clarinet and violin and have a dream of playing my violin in an old creepy cemetery in Paris one day.
10. Speaking of cemeteries, I like to do gravestone rubbings and am always looking for my name. Don't ask why...maybe gives me a sense of my own mortality or something profound like that or maybe it's just because I'm a Scorpio and we seem to be attracted to dark things.

Now, wasn't that fun?! What are some fun facts about you??
What did I do yesterday? Went to see Picky Pants in a play about how "Coyote Steals Summer". Very cute, she was a rabbit.

Picky Pants rabbit impersonation
What did I wear?

The 'fit:
jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt/thrift/2.50
tank: Express/friends yard sale/1
shoes: Old Navy/same/10
Total: $13.50

broke one of my rules...combined purple and pink! {gasp!} so daring, I know. But gotta start slow with these kind of things...for some rule-breakin'-inspiration check out other bloggers here, I know I'm gonna!

May not look like much, but these are my "lucky" shoes. I've worn them to quite a few Phoenix concerts and just for that they are now Lucky in my book!

Picky Pants and I being silly (see pic below). She's probably singing "Dare" by Gorillaz

Probably doing Chopsticks. The only tune I know on the piano.


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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bicycles, bad books and buddies

So, there's some talk going around the blogosphere about having more "real" pictures. Something different then just the same 'ol, same 'ol poses in front of the house or back porch.

I'm all for it!

As much as I like acting like I'm posing for some big spread in Vogue or something I also like the real idea. Because hey, us bloggers are the real deal - we don't make our money modeling around the world.

At least not yet!! ;)

I went for a bike ride yesterday with Cupcake and again this morning by myself. Man, my gluteius maximus is in extremis painus!!  I really thought I had enough cushion for the pushion but I guess not (good thing, right??), plus the seat isn't the most comfortable in the world ---- owww, owww, owww!!!!

We're talking about moving out of state next summer and the city we're looking at is very bike friendly, so I thought I should ride more now. And maybe get in better shape?

The 'fit:
jeggings: mossimo/thrift/4
tshirt: Phoenix concert/San Diego/20*
sweater vest: Weymouth Hunt/thrift/1
sweater: (because even though these is Cali. it's like really windy and grey today) Chesley/thrift/1
boots: old navy/ebay/10
socks: (because the blue matches with Ted) ?/dollar tree/1
TOTAL: $37  Linking up with Color Brigade today, haven't been on for weeks. Just saw Kileen's wedding pics - gorgeous!! (if you're from CB sorry for linking twice - I thought with a honeymoon going on she would actually take a break! silly me)


I've been reading The Bone Palace by Amanda Downum. I really don't like it, but am making myself finish it. It's one of those where royalty rules with different Houses trying to vy for the Crown, it's got magic, vampires, necromancers and everybody is hooking up with everybody else. I don't like how everything is named something different and how the author describes stuff.  It's not just a sunrise it's "the Dragon chasing the Hounds" or something like that, not weeks but "decads". I don't like the characters names. I don't like how the plot is turning out and I don't like how the main character just goes to bed with guys/vampires because she's lonely -Ohhh, boo-hoo! - I say "Buck up and solve the damn mystery already!" The townsfolk are also superstitious, right now I'm at a part where they had a Solstice party then everyone stays inside the following week because those are the "Demon Days". Maybe I would understand more if I had read the first book. But I guess people like 'em since there's a preview of a third installment at the end of this one.

Have you read these? Do you like it and or understand it? Sometimes when a writer tries so hard to be descriptive and different it just comes out muddled.

via Goodreads

I'm running a special this month - hehe!!  If you become my buddy I'll be your buddy*!! I'm looking for new bloggy you like to read, watch, relax and occasionally take pictures of you reading, watching and relaxing?

But more importantly, do you like Phoenix and/or Daft Punk??
you do?!
YAY!! Let's all read bad books and listen to music loudly!!

I'm also thinking about starting my own linky party. I like to cook, so was thinking about having a theme each month that we would try different recipes with. Last month I was all about the French cooking, this month I'm thinking about a vegetable - but not corn, mine aren't grown yet! I've said this before but I'm really serious this time...What do you guys think?

Or, more fun, a party celebrating the best bad book or faulty film (fun with alliteration) you had the distinct displeasure of torturing yourself with??

Sounds like fun to me!!


* Can anyone help me solve the mystery of "Who Is Ted?"

* Remember this? As an only child I wanted one, never got it
but now as an adult I've got three "little buddies" :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daft Punk is always playing at my crib!

My new obsession -


love 'em!!!

Just saw Interstellar 5555 and Tron: Legacy.

Can't stand it - I want more and more and more and....

want to wake up to Daft Punk, want to go to sleep to Daft Punk, want to go see Daft Punk

What about you?

Here's a nice hot plate of Daft Punk with some on the side to dip your soul into

Face to Face


Something about us

And now some Robot Love....err..Robot Rock