Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Monday: An Angelina kind of day

We recently had an Angelina Jolie festival.

Cupcake and I went to a friends house and watched The Tourist. Which pretty much sucked (at 20% on the rotten tomatometer - I'm going to keep an eye on it, I'll bet you it'll go up past 50). I was so excited about this movie, I even had the premiere marked on my calendar. When the time came I was busy with other plans and never made it to the theatre then time kept passing.

Boy, am I glad!  I would have been upset to pay $11 for this piece. There was no chemistry between the two actors, it seemed kind of wooden, even the most anticipated kiss of the year was blah. The action part of it was all right, the storyline stinky. Twenty minutes in (or so) my friend said "What if blah, blah, blah?" and we were like "Hmmmm.." Then later on I said "What if blah, blah, blah because of blah, blah, blah?" It turned out we were both right. This movie was just a real let down. The best part was the last three lines. It seemed kind of a tongue in cheek joke/reference to Johnny Depp being a sex symbol.

While Cupcake and I were gone The Hubs watched Kung Fu Panda with the two li'l uns. Angelina plays the Tigress, which is the connection here. I won't go into this movie as it's been a while since I seen it last and I just remember it being a funny kids movie with heart. Nothing really too bad. Although, I did like the Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special better (I even welled up a bit, ssshh).

When we got back home, the whole family settled in to watch Salt. In which Angelina plays a Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent turned rogue once she's accused of being a Russian sleeper spy.  Now here is the Action Angelina I have come to know and love! This was great from beginning to end!

OK. I should confess something. I fell asleep. With about 20 minutes left. So I didn't see the big ending The Hubs was all excited about. But...he didn't see me fall asleep, so I just told him how awesome it was. And really, the movie was awesome...what I saw of it. Action, spy-hunting and twists. My kind of movie. I will be renting this again!

Just won't fall asleep next time!

slacks:Ann Taylor/friends yard sale/$1
blouse: east 5th/honestly don't remember/?
sweater: route 66/kmart/4
boots: aldo/yard sale/2
Total: $7 (ish)

 A button-up and sweater, typical mommy uniform. Pretty boring. Should've dug out my mom jeans.

Tried to strike some mom poses. Here's my "shame on you".

And my "what do you think you're doing??"


p.s. I fell down after taking those pictures. My boot got caught in my pant leg. I totally scrapped up my leg. It's been quite a while since I've worn a band-aid on my knee!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Hope and Blazers

You see that little box on the sidebar that says something about a writers workshop? It's been up for about three weeks and I have yet to participate. That changes today.

So sometimes on Wednesday it will become Wednesday's Writings - or something - I'm still playing around with it ;)
This weeks prompt that I chose was:
2.) April is national poetry month…Write a poem about hope.

Hope - A Haiku

Hope is a four letter word.
To be used rarely.
I would rather live today.

Thank you

Now for our (semi-) daily feature

blazer: tahiri-handmedown-free
blouse: pronto/uomo-thrift-4(ish)
leggings: xhiliration-walmart-8(ish)
shoes: hushpuppies-thrift-5

total: $17 (ish)

Sorry gang, gotta endure one more day of The Hubs taking pictures. He messes around with focus and brightness till it's all blurry and stuff. Plus, he didn't even tell me my hair was sticking up*!

It's raining here. I wanted to go comfy and since I feel comfortable in black...
I have also decided that I'm going to start wearing shirts and jackets in order of how they are hanging in my closet. I reach for the same things time after time so I need to shake it up a bit.* I always reach for black, white or red and never the blues or pinks that are hiding in the very back. This boucle jacket has a light pink base with stripes of pink, blue and black. It has a lot of versatility, I can tell already.


*now if only I would buy a digital camera.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: OOTD & Let's hear it for the girls

I like taking pictures of my outfits. I like be able to see what works and what doesn't.

I don't like my first idea of saving it all for one day. I don't always feel like blogging on the weekends and then doing it all in one day means a long sit-down in front of the computer. Then I tend to put it off till I go just go to sleep then, what, no outfit posts and I just defeated myself. As Charlie Sheen would say "arrrrgg foiled again".

By my own worst enemy.

So I'm going to try something new. Bear with me.

skirt: george:thrift:? (3ish)
blouse: agenda:handmedown:free
heels: george:walmart:5
jacket: sonoma:thrift:4
total: $12 (ish)

The Hubs deleted the pic he took, so a bathroom self-photo was called for

I was going girly and mixing prints. The top is lacy (with a peek-a-boo back, hence the jacket for daytime)and the skirt has white polka dots on it (have to remember that if EBEW ever does polka dots again). The Hubs thought I should have something else white on top to bring it together, so of course I couldn't find my white beret. A white flower pin would have looked cute too. But, alas don't have one...

Well, since today is Tuesday and that calls for music here are some songs I'm really diggin' right now. :)


p.s. The Hubs overall didn't like my outfit. Does that mean I successfully man repelled? ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Cent$ Sunday: Redecorating the House. Part I

Last week I did something two somethings that I never thought I would do (and I have a very active imagination). <big breath>

I went to The Home Depot willingly and bought furniture!


That's right! I woke up and asked The Hubs to go with me to buy some sod and flowers and junk. I have decided to redo my backyard, and if by redoing you mean actually taking care to plant...then yes.

I picture a lush, green, flower filled wonderland. With a little plot for our few veggies and herbs. Ivy grows on one side of the fence and I picture putting in that corner a little table and chair that will be just perfect that mid afternoon respite.


Now, furniture. I bought a brand new couch and chaise lounge in a dark chocolate brown. I got them on the last day of the sale and at 20% off! (the next day they both went up $100!) I even floored myself when I told The Hubs I was buying those. What an experience buying furniture is, let me tell you! The store was packed because of the sale and by the time I got up to the counter I find out that they didn't even have my choices in stock. So now I have to wait two weeks!! All this time thinking about it, waiting in line, fighting the mad-house, having to take my mad (as in crazy like the mad hatter*) uncle to the store to help me (I asked him to wait in the car while I went in but he wanted to go see what I was buying, sorry The Store, truly) and then I don't get the satisfaction of sitting on them that night (they did offer me the floor model...uhhh..no thanks!)! aaarrrrggg!! Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks.....

So why is a non-martha stewart-type like me (honestly Cupcake's 5th grade projects look better than my 12th grade projects. I have proof, my mom still has 'em. I'll get her to take pictures) buying furniture? 

To tell you the truth, I live like I'm going to move soon. I have boxes still packed in my closet. I don't buy anything decorative because why if I just have to pack it up? I don't like packing. But I do like moving.

But...I have recently decided that if I buy pieces that I really like and reflect my personal style then I wouldn't be averse to loading them up to take with me and that I can make anywhere homey. hmm....do you know what i mean? I hope so

When I tried to describe to my mom that style that I had chosen, modern-romantic-goth-lite, she was like "HUH?" hmmm... : /

This is what I would like my dining room to be:

This is what I ended up with:

That picture you can't really see is some creepy tree art I found at the Dollar Store. The main colors are grey, white, black with a little yellow. It's perfect for my decor and it was the only one. The picture above the comp I found at a thrift store for $2.  I think a little table with some kind of statue on it would be perfect next to the computer desk and some sheer curtains would add some more pizazz. I don't want to add to much more to the walls. Maybe a sconce or something...
I am happy with the results and feel proud of myself for actually busting out with some elbow grease! (and please don't judge my computer desk..it's a work in progress :) All total my "re-do" for dining room cost $47 (so far): 20 for rug,8 for flowers, 6 for fabric, 5 for placemats (got 4), 4 for vase, 2 for black and white pic, 1 for creepy art, 1 for Paris landmarks calendar.

I'm working on the kitchen next. I'm thinking about hanging some creepy tree art, like this:

Although creepy tree art reminds me of this: <shivers>

(sorry for the quality was the best I could find


* and not the cool johnny depp mad hatter! but no...my uncle is all right. He just got me perturbed that day!  

p.s. boys are weird!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Obsessive much?

I meant to post this yesterday but procrastinated then fell asleep at 9:00  was just really busy.

I can't believe that, for a few days now, I've had this song in my head and have caught myself singing it out loud! For crying out loud! (that's another topic for another day: songs that I'm embarrassed to admit that I sing in the car)  Which got me thinking, and flipping, through my musical lexicon for other obsessive type songs. This is what I came up with.  Kind of obsession through stages, if you will...

Right now, you don't know me and I'm just -

Clay Aiken

Hmm...maybe gotta step up my game and throw some makeup and sparkles on so that you can see that -

The Pretenders

Being part of the party crowd is not working. I know! I'll grab a fedora and camera and act like I'm part of the -

Lady GaGa

Okay. I'm out of ideas and a li'l defeated. I guess I'll go back to where I first saw you and become the (woman) -

The Script


p.s. not inspired by true events. or is it? ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday's Reads: sitting, waiting, wishing

I finished Outcast.

I put the next book, Omen, on hold at the library.

I went to Barnes and Noble and they didn't have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in stock. The paperback doesn't come out till May.

I'm waiting.

I guess my back up book will now be cracked open.

In between pleasure reading this is what I'm reading for not-pleasure, ie. home work.

The last two books I have to read. (for now)

I'm sitting.

At the computer, not wanting to read, not wanting to write.

I'm staring at my calendar of Paris landmarks.

I'm wishing.

Daydreaming that I am there.

La fontaine de Mers
courtesy Remi Jouan
Sitting at a wrought-iron table with a cappuccino by my left hand and a pen in my right. Waiting for the man I love to meet me. Wishing to stay here forever.


p.s. not the title song but a song to get you daydreamin'

Billie Holiday - April in Paris

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Polka dot day and songs that break my heart

just a little.

a quick aside: today was polka dot day over at Everybody Everywhere. I hope you all remembered to rock 'em! Here's my proof:

That was fun to do and I remembered to take pictures! It might be hard to see but it's a sheer black shirt with white polka dots. I paired it with a red beret for the heck of it and I think the outfit just called for it. I ended up really liking this, it's kinda dark but girly.

anyway...so I heard this song the other day and it put a little twinge in my heart. I don't know...the piano, his mournful sounding voice and the lyrics...just touched me. I feel like this sometimes...I "thought of all the stupid things I said" and "I never meant to cause you trouble" so now I sit back and do nothing with my ego in the way....


I remember when I was about 18 a bit younger my boyfriend (at the time) and I used to just sit in his living room and listen to this CD. This song always got to me....and still does! The buildup, the power and my gosh, the lyrics! At about 3 minutes and 10 seconds in is where I get the chills - every time! And now that I'm a mother...well..just listen. I can only listen to this one twice..that's my limit..otherwise I might be in a quivering heap under the table.


The Hubs and I "discovered" Sea Wolf when they opened for Phoenix last
year. We saw them in Reno and the next night in Las Vegas. We fell in lurve! I like the cello, the lyrics and his sad sounding voice. They didn't play this particular song, I discovered it later but I like it because I feel like this sometimes when I get back from a trip. Life ticked on and did anybody even know you were gone? Maybe I'll just stay away next time....
p.s. I met the cello player and Alex Brown Church (the singer) on stage after the concert in LV. During the last song of Phoenix the crowd started to rush the stage and The Hubs gave me a boost! So that's how I ended up getting to meet them and get pics!*

sea wolf

And this song...well...if you don't well up just a li'l then you must not have a heart ...just don't like this band ;)

death cab for cutie


*I know, I know, I totally rocked the cub scout! I never wore my scarf like that again! Promise!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Best of Fridays: A hodgepodge of stuff

the best my abs have felt for months: It hurts. As I'm cleaning up the house - or swab the deck as I affectionately call it* - it hurts to do a twisting type motion. But it hurts sooo good! On Sunday I discovered Random Abs. A delightful little site that posts random ab exercises every day. I like the random factor so that I don't have to come up with the exercises. It even shows a 20 second clip so you know exactly what a push-through is (I didn't).  I've been doing it every other day since Monday, I'm sore but feel like I'm doing something. Even when I'm watching the boob tube I can be accomplished, people! Tonight while I'm watching Supernatural I can be doing planks and push-throughs. Then follow up with a blizzard. I can do this!

best of the worst: I don't watch the academy awards. I don't watch any kind of award show. Well...except for the times I'm roped into watching the Nickelodeon awards. Thankfully, the kiddies forgot about it this year. (Now I just got the rerun to watch out for).
But I do tune into the worst dressed list every year. That is my awards show! hehehe :) This year the worst really wasn't that bad in my opinion. I think everyone looked glamorous and red carpet ready. Of course, Helena Bonham-Carter didn't disappoint with her own unique gothic-romantic-bag lady style*.

lester cohen/wireimage.com from wonderwall.msn.com
But I like her particular brand of crazy, so this works for me. Except....what is that hanging from her leg? They said it was a garter belt...but...maybe a good luck charm??

*what exactly is going on here?!
I have yet to look at the best dressed list (where's the fun in that? ;). But what did you guys love or hate?

the best Johnny Depp has ever looked: JK, because seriously if one always looks good can there really be a best?!
OK, y'all know I have a celeb crush on the 'ol JD. I mean, seriously what hot-blooded woman doesn't...even if you don't like him, let's be honest here you know there's a particular movie you thought he looked good in.... ;)
I came across this article at nextmovie and in it Old Red Jalopy drew eight movie stars animation style. (who is Old Red Jalopy, you ask? They are a company that draws original movie, music, tv posters and pretty cool looking if you ask me - I like the A-Team and mom, you would like this one.)

Old Red Jalopy from nextmovie.com
 See what I mean?! Scroll through the rest, I also like the Natalie Portman.

best news blooper:  It's funny when reporters mess up. Check out this lil clip, Picky Pants and I had a good laugh before school this morning.

What makes me laugh is how hard his co-anchor is laughing while trying to hide it and be professional! I think they would be a hoot to go drinking with!


* Why is it that when it's Swab The Deck day The Hubs decides that it's a good day to take the kiddies for a hike and he's out the door in 20 minutes flat? Why do I just happen to want to clean the house when he's home? ;)