Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wearing and Watching: oufit #5 & a white snake

Well my friends....I'm on to outfit #5 and the brown streak continues.

dress: white stag - thrift - .50
loafers: o'connor & goldberg - thrift - 2.00
hat: my mom's diy
What i like: this dress is totally outside of my comfort zone what with being plaid and all. I know right, crazy! It's got two functional breast pockets, buttons down (except for the last 4 non-functional buttons. what?), 3/4 length sleeves that can roll up and button into short sleeves and it was for the low price of 50 cents!
I have a thrift store in the neighboring town that is a house converted into a store, run by cute li'l old ladies and in one room the clothes don't have price tags. Whatever items don't have price tags they just stuff into a bag (and they can stuff alot) and you get the whole bag for 2.00! I have found some cute sweaters, a couple pairs of jeans and this dress in that room. That's how I keep getting items for approximately .50 and it might even be lower depending on how much was actually in the bag, I don't always remember how much I buy.
And that's my problem. Hence my shopping ban.
The Moms wanted to see if this hat would match. So to humor her, you know...but I was pleasantly surprised I thought it was cute.
I bought this little item last month. I thought it was cute and was only $1.85.
It's a piggy bank and on top it says *pennies for paris*
It's already half full, ha! But I think it's gonna take quite a few more fill-ups to afford a trip to Paris.
I'm excited! Tonite The Sorceror and The White Snake is on! I thought is was coming out this year but I found out it premiered in 2011 and it's on the hdnet movie channel tonite!! It's got Jet Li and looks totally trippy and cool. Got some snacks on hand and a bottle of wine for my viewing pleasure.
Also got In Time in the mail, another movie that came out in 2011 with Justin Timberlake. Have you seen it? Is it good?
I just gotta hurry and watch so I can get disc 2 of season three of Gilmore Girls!! I'm a little behind the game on that one but man is it goooood! Any Gilmore Girls fans out there?
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watching and Wearing

What has two thumbs and watched last weeks episode of New Girl twice?

This girl right here!!

Am I excited about this weeks?

You betcha!!

I haven't seen any previews so I'm going in blind. Will they sweep the kiss under the rug? Will Jess tell CeeCee? Will they profess their undying love for each other? Will they kiss again? What about Sam?

Did you guys watch the big kiss?

I've just gotten into New Girl at the end of last year and have been rooting for a Jess/Nick (Ness?) hook-up, but more than just a hook-up - a full on relationship. He's always there for her, watches out for her and their quirkiness compliments each other. They would be so darn cute together. Or would a relationship mess with the whole roommate dynamic?

So many questions!!

Another show I've just gotten into this season is The Bachelor. Are these girls for real? I mean really after what like 4 weeks now you're talking love. Yeah, Sean is cute and all but he's locking lips with practically every girl there. They have to fight to have "time" with him, they'll all like "this is my one chance for love" and last week when Sean took that one girl on a shopping trip she was like "no one has ever treated me this well before or bought me jewelry before". Really?! Girl, I feel sorry for you. Man, I was getting jewelry back in middle school and yeah, I want to feel special on my birthday so dude better step up!

These girls are just ridiculous! That's why Cupcake and I enjoy watching - to talk smack! ha!

And Sean, I'm tired of seeing your good side - what are your flaws? Do you leave your towel on the floor? Your dirty socks? Hate broccoli?  What are they?! And how come no-one is asking him these questions?

Didn't watch last night's episode so got some TV watching to do tonite. Better get a bag of popcorn.

Here's today's outfit. I've been in a brown kick lately. Probably going to wear my brown plaid dress tomorrow.

Outfit #4

*was going for a "right hand in a trench coat" look* (ha)
slacks: new york and company - thrift - 3
tshirt: faded glory - thrift - 2
sweater: basic editions - thrift - .50
flats: bongo- kmart - 10
what I like: These slacks are brown with a gold stripe running through them so they are more festive in person plus they have back pockets. I have a thing about needing back pockets.
The T is soft and is bit longer in back than the front. I guess I would call the sweater variegated and I like the button detail. The flats have a little bow on them and they are just cute and comfy.

*goodbye roll hello crunches* :/
I just noticed today that the previous owner hemmed these up so I had to take out the hem today hence the "no ironed" look! ha! but at least they are not ankle pants anymore which I thought would work with flats. No.

So, yeah. How's your day been! :)

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Wearing: Outfit #3

As I'm sure all of you have heard...Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring.


For all of you Spring lovers this is good news. I'm not a Spring lover.

I like the Fall and Winter seasons thank you very much. Don't get me wrong I do like flowers and the *occasional* day out in the sun. ha! But along with March comes Daylight Savings time (mehh), worrying about bathing suits and in three short months the kids will be back home for three long months. (ha! it's not all bad got sleeping in, hiking, concerts and vacations to look forward to!)

I've always wanted to go to Gobbler's Knob (can you believe that name?!) to see this 126 year old tradition but with upwards of 15 to 30,000 people each year it just ain't my scene.

Hey, Phil call me when there's like 5,000 people. That I can deal with.

And Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, that I can really deal with. Watching that movie is a time-honored tradition up there with watching Christmas Vacation every December.

Well, anyway here are some really bad shots of Outfit #3. My mom is the only one with a full-length mirror so don't mind the mess. It ain't mine, it's all hers! And yes, she does collect bears like she collects Betty Boop.

sweater dress: merona - thrift - 7.00
sweater: crazy horse - thrift - .50
belt: came with the dress
booties: danexx - thrift - 5.00
*my photographer cut off my feet!*
what I like about this outfit is the button detail on the sweater it's like a mini-peacoat but in a sweater(!) and the dress has long sleeves, a nice thick feel with a cowl neck and a cute leopard print belt.

No tights today I wasn't feeling it. The whole search-for-the-right-ones, pulling-'em-on, making-sure -I-don't-slip-on-the-ice-and-rip-them (which happened last week btw)-and-then-eventually-taking-them-off just sounded too exhausting! Mondays are spent on blogs, books and my boy. Not usually a dressy day but I got this whole deal with myself and don't want to poop out too early. HA!
After those bad pics of me thought I'd leave you with a cute one of Little Monster dressed as Batman (he's a total camera ham and brings a smile to my face!)
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p.s. excited to watch The Bachelor tonite as they are in...Montana! I really just want to see what fun things they do so I can get some ideas...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wearing: 28 days

And no, I'm not talking about the movie.

I'm talking about a 28 day shopping ban. Just as scary though, I know!!

I've been shopping, shopping, shopping all through January - call it post-Christmas blues or something but I was feeling blah and an easy fix to the blahs is to do a li'l shopping. Thrift and new.

But now it seems that I have amassed quite a bit and coupled with what was already hanging around in my closet I'm almost literally buried in clothes.

Friday night, after doing some more shopping (I can't resist a good clearance sale), I said to myself

"Self, this is enough!"

"You have so many clothes you don't even know what you have anymore."

and I said back, well not really because that would be crazy...

"You're right. I'm going to implement a shopping ban for February and on top of that see if I can wear a different outfit every day instead of going for the tried and true."

I stamped my right fist against my right palm and then and there committed myself.

If I start to waver please pull me back!!

So here is Outfit #2 (yesterdays was nothing to write home to mom about - or take a picture of for that matter - just some black slacks and a striped top.)

skirt: maurices - thrift - 5
cardi: maurices - thrift - .50
white t: gap - old - ?
leggings: ? - walmart -?
boots: decree - thrift - 14
*suck it in, suck it in*
The 40 degree weather around here necessitates leggings worn with everything.
My plan is to not wear my favorite stuff early on in the game because then I would be stuck with the uglies come the last week. (nah, jk closet none of you are ugly. ha!) You girls know what I mean, right?
Well, here goes nothing (except my sanity - ha!)
relax and good dressing,