Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: making faces

Another linky party post. This one is for Mama Kats Writer's Workshop. You should do it, it's a lot of fun!

Number 5: write a poem about your favorite place.

buying the tickets
planning the trip
driving the miles

renting a room
changing my clothes
waiting in line

pushing way forward
getting hand stamped
running down stairs

breathless with anticipation
giddy with joy
heart thumping wildly

lights go down
crowd surges ahead
chanting, pounding, jumping

stars in eyes
back-stage dreams
front-row reality

my fave place
at a concert
with Phoenix headlining

in las vegas Sept '10. that's me making a weird face. found this on a las vegas news site. was totally shocked to say the least!!


Bloggers Do It Better: Colorblocking

Speaking of dress up.

Thanks to CC over at CC's Cheap Chic for showing me that Pretty Shiny Sparkly started a new linky party.

This one is called Bloggers Do It Better and this time around it's all about colorblocking or colorful stripes.

According to the title I choose colorblocking. I don't know if I got it right.

But I took a cue from one of my fave bloggers, Leandra from The Man Repeller and just layered on the layers.

Let's take a look.....

red dress, blue cardi, black vest, white tights and black boots. Hmmmm...

Here's the colors outside. I threw on the scarf for a bit of panache.

tied or untied? is the scarf too much?

o.k.... let's be honest here....I didn't wear this anywhere. This outfit was just an idea I had that (I think) went with colorblocking.

This is out of my comfort zone, I wouldn't normally wear red and blue together or this many layers. Would probably stop at the cardi, but as it's blue I probably wouldn't have worn it, I would be safe and stick with white or black. Looking back at the pictures this ensemble doesn't look too bad, if I was feeling adventurous in another city, I would probably wear it.



p.s. lessons in Name Dropping 101 ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Playing dress up

I decided that I needed a pair of black shorts and a flowery dress.

So, having a few hours to kill I stopped by (dun, duh, duuuuh).... THE GOODWILL.

I say it like that because I usually don't like shopping there. Everything is priced the same, like all shorts are $4.35, all dresses $5.99 etc., and they don't have sale days (at least not that I've been able to catch).

But being as that was the closest thrift store, I shrugged my shoulder and went in not expecting to really find what I was looking for. No harm no foul.

Grrrrr....mais bien sûr I found what I was looking for. Practically walked right to them. And they were everything I was looking for. I chewed my bottom lip for a minute in debate with myself. Do I? Don't I?

In the end I did. Because I did tell myself that if I found it I would buy it....don't you just hate when that happens?!

Hence, I am now playing dress up....and taking pics :) (lucky you!)

What I'm wearing Saturday night out with friends:

jacket: prague/ebay/10
shirt: carol rose/ross/5
shorts: oldnavy/thrift/4.35
boots: ?/ebay/3
tights: xhiliration/walmart/1 (seriously!)
TOTAL: $23.35

am I getting ready to pirouette, or what?

hmmm...what to make for dinner...?
And the Lucky Dress. Lucky Dress is named so because it's lucky I bought it...and I was lucky enough to find exactly what I was looking for, it fits perfectly... and I just feel lucky in it!*

shoes:  carvela/handmedown/free

if I'm going to play dress-up, why not leopard print heels?!

feelin' pretty, oh so pretty ;)

Now here's what I really wore today to take the kiddies to some parks:

blouse: D.F.A. new york/BCF/10
scarf: ?/Cupcakes/borrowed
pants: A.N.A /thrift/5
shoes: converse/gift from The Hubs/free
TOTAL: $15

just relaxin' in the sun

Hi there!

Let's not forget the tunes. I put in "The Fear" by Lilly Allen in Pandora and she (with a name like Pandora it's gotta be a girl) has come up with some great stuff! Like this:

Carolina Liar

Frou Frou



p.s. photo-bombed! (oh the hazards of having three kiddies)

Picky Pants and then...

Little Monster!

* if you know how many times I said lucky you get $1!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: MAXImum potential

Everybody everywhere is doing the maxi!    (is that like doing the twist?!)

Are you?

With no maxi's in sight and sewing skills woefully coming up short,  I came across this black number hanging forlornly in the back of the closet. This dress definitely had maximum potential!

I put on the tank, pulled the dress up into a high-waisted skirt, tied the halter string around the middle, threw on a cardi, some beige sandals and voila! I am now participating! Looove it when I feel creative!!

OOTD: Maxi day
dress: ?/walmart/10
tank: high sierra/handmedown/free
cardi: agenda/ross/7
sandals: basic edition/kmart/8
glasses: OP/walmart/5
TOTAL: $30 (ish)

I look so tall. Me likey!!

 My "look-at-the-feet" pose.

 My "what? I always stand like this" pose

close up of the layers. Cupcake suggested tying it in back next time. There will be a next time.

Now, because it's Tuesday....

I really think these guys have maximum potential. Don't you? ;)

Especially this quartet. I don't know, I really think they're going somewhere...


p.s. Have any new drinks for the upcoming Tasty Thursday linky party? Didn't forget, did you? Hmmmm???

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tasty Thursday: Can you help me?

Two things to share.

1) I'm looking for a new drink.
I'm at an age now where I want a signature drink. I like to drink wine and if I go out I usually order a Corona. I have become quite bored with this. I want something that is mine, something that I can always order and feel a bit more grownup than just asking for a beer, something I can serve at dinner parties and more importantly something that my husband wouldn't be embarrassed to order! (i.e. Mountain Dew Me, or a Bend Over Shirley - dirty drinks, check it out!)
Buuuut, I don't want to start ordering Cosmo's. For some reason I feel that's a bit mature for me, like I'm not quite ready yet, maybe in 10 years.

I have recently tried two drinks, Butter Beer and Wine Sprite.

ButterBeer (not the recipe I used but this one sounds better) is butterscotch schnapps with cream soda. Very sweet...too sweet. Not something I would drink all the time, in fact probably never again. (no pics to share :(

I give it: 1 champagne glass (does anyone know how to make a rating system?)

Next was Wine Sprite. This is actually pretty good. I didn't stir the first time for some reason and it took a minute for everything to mix in so I didn't like it at first. The second one I remembered to stir and the Sprite mixed in beautifully making the wine all bubbly with a pink lemonade look.

Need: White Zinfandel (whatever white or pink wine you like), Sprite, two ice cubes and a wine glass

Mix with your pinkie and drink. Repeat.

I give it: 3 champagne glasses

But, I don't think I want to order a Wine Sprite when out, so I'm still experimenting. What are you drinking?

Which brings us to:

2) I want to start a linky party!
After 20 minutes researching with a bowl of ice cream hours of extensive research with little more than bread and water for nourishment, I have come to the conclusion that we like linky parties and themes and I like food.

Soooo.....if I put the two together I come up with a Tasty Thursday link party where you can link up recipes, new foods or drinks that you have recently tried. I'm thinking every month would have a different theme. As months go on we can vote on the themes, but for this month I want to focus on drinks.

Would you be interested in doing this? I think it would be a good way to find new bloggers, new foods, new ideas.

I want to start this next Thursday, so dust off those cocktail recipes!

pants: D.F.A new york/BCF/10
blouse: ?/friends yard sale/1
tank: old random tank
shoes: to the MAX /walmart/10
ye ol' costume jewelery
TOTAL: $21 (ish)

Yesterday I mentioned the Redbook 31 day of outfits. I found the article here; go check it out it might just give you some ideas too, especially if you have a very big scarf like they show then this vid demonstrates new ways to wear it. (I'm intrigued by the halter top).

 This outfit was inspired by number 24 (yesterday was #31).

I didn't want to wear another scarf so swapped it for necklaces instead. Two pearl(ish) and charm type costume jewelry.

Oh, also swapped the high heels for flats. I could do the heels though, some other time.

I'm also wearing a purple stone ring. I like costume jewelry, probably reminds me of playing with my grandma's when I was a kid. Plus if it breaks or get lost no biggie!!

So guys, what do you think of having a linky party? Think it'll be fun? And more importantly, have any yummy drink recipes for me???


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's Writings: Rule Breaker and WIWW

Yesterday I wrote that "rules were made to be broken by me" and later in the day I checked in on Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompts for the week and this was one of them.

#2 A rule I broke.


This has my name written all over it.

I break rules all the time.

I walk on the grass, feed the animals and wear white after Labor Day.

But what came to mind was when I worked at a medical center. This medical center has an ER, a trauma center and every kind of doctor. (It's pretty well known and I'll give you a hint "I'll have a ham and swiss on a          roll, please." fill in the blank) So it's pretty big with long hallways, lots of stairs and a tv in every waiting room.

I worked over at the 9-5 office area and after 7 pm that place was deserted save for the cleaning crew. I worked mainly days but sometimes because of family obligations I would work nights. They were flexible with my schedule as long as I got my work done. My lovely little cubicle was in an area behind a locking door that held about 12 other cubes with a break room and two restrooms. One could conceivably step into the office and never see the light of day till closing time.

I tell you this so that you know how lonely it was at night.

One night at about 8:45, caught up on work and feeling bored an idea came to me. I got up and quietly closed the office door behind me. I looked both ways. No one in sight. I dashed to the nearest stairwell and calmed my breathing and tried to walk nonchalantly up the stairs. I turned left at the top. Still no one.

Stepping with the outside of the foot then rolling to the pad, I quickly but quietly made my way down the dimly lit hallway. Holding my breath as each waiting room came near just knowing that I would run into some of the cleaning crew. Still no one.

I reached my destination with no incident.

The lights were on low. The couch cushions freshly fluffed. I creeped in and took one last look behind my shoulder. I tiptoed closer and closer till I could just reach up and touch it. Taking a deep breath to try and quiet the butterflies, my pointer finger reached up...and

The screen flickered to life and a little box told me it was on channel 31. (Really?! This was meant to be!) I turned the volume down and stepped back till I hit the couch with my calves. I plopped down on the soft cushions and...lost myself for an hour in the world of Supernatural.*


The 'Fit: (formely OOTD)
pants: american eagle/thrift/4
t-shirt: miley cyrus/walmart/4
tank: oldnavy/oldnavy/5
scarf: ?/DD's Discounts/5
shoes: no name/Chinatown- San Francisco/8
Total: $26 (ish)
Outside. It's not really working, too bright out but I'm standing in a patch of grass that I planted. It's growing to the rest of the yard...
Inside now. To my go-to spot. I wanted to go casual, as I had errands, but have little details that would put it together.

Pink scarf with stars. I tried to do something different with it.

With delicate flats from Chinatown that are the same color. (eeekkk...I need a tan!)

I rule,baby!
 In my latest issue of Redbook (what are you? like 50? - no...Redbook has changed since my g-ma read it) there's an article about 31 days of outfits with simple basics. That is where I was inspired for this and I have since started digging through my closet for the rest of the recommended basics. I kinda want to see if I can do it. I'll keep you all informed!


* If no one actually says not to do it, is it really a rule?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Get horny now.

I love me some trumpet.  <3

When I was in band the clarinets sat in front of the trumpets and that's where my love affair began. No, I didn't have a crush on a trumpeter but on the trumpet itself.

Actually, no. My love affair started way earlier....probably even before I went to school. I heard the soulful, lonesome tones of Louis Armstrong and died! A death by trumpet with musical notes piercing my heart.

Love = Trumpet

If you can play trumpet and you're cute....

well...I'm married...but maybe in another life....

curl up with your honey for this one

Chris Botti

whenever i go out the people always shout  and there's a piano player making requests...i always request this

Louis Armstrong

this flugelhorner hides at the Mega Lo Mart (and who knew he was so angry, hehe!*)

Chuck Mangione

take your honey in your arms and fall in love all over again

Wynton Marsalis

sweater: oldnavy/thrift/1
shirt: ?/walmart/5
pants: new york & company/ross/10
belt: faded glory/The Dollar Tree/1
shoes: converse/BCF/gift from The Hubs
Total: $17 (ish)

Not sure how I'm liking this. The belt around the sweater looks kinda awkward. Back to the drawing board with this cardi...err vest, err sweater - aaahh forget it.

Just call me Paulina Two-Belts. I had to put another belt on to keep from showing some plumbers - well, you know.

Spring showers took us by surprise!

Ha! I scoff at "no loitering" signs. Rules were made to be broken - by me!



p.s. I updated the "40 in 10" page. Don't forget to plug in your mp3 player, strap on your shoes and join me in this weightloss journey! I'd love to hear from you...the more the merrier!! :)