Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I was supposed to post this yesterday but time got away from me and then I got tired and wanted to watch Moonlighting.

I'm proud of my menu this week and of how little money I spent at the store. :)

I found a new way of shopping, I buy all the ingredients for dinners first then the extra stuff. I'm surprised at how little I end up spending compared to going through the grocery store in a systematic order. Or shopping when I'm hungry.

Always a plus!

Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie. Go check out the plethora of menus and add your own!

Menu Plan

Monday: Grilled Cheese made with wheat french bread, tomatoes and green onions
sides: macaroni salad
$: 5.50
(helped that I had a big block of cheese already)

Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese (homemade)*
$: 1.08

Wednesday: Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie*
(will add carrots)
$: 13.90

Thursday: Steak and Mash
$: 14.40
(steak was a li'l expensive but there were a lot in the package so it's basically two meals there)

Friday: Mexican Scrambled Eggs*
$: 5.30

Saturday: Tortilla Soup
$: free as I didn't have to buy anything extra to make this.

Sunday: Quesadillas with chopped ham and green onions*
$: 6.05

Monday: Frozen Lasagna
(first night in new home - gotta make it easy)
$: 11.00

Tuesday: Hot Dogs
sides: chili
$: 5.80
(still taking it easy - got unpacking to do!)

Extras: Banana Chocolate-Chip Muffins*

*'d recipes inspired by Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson

Will showcase the chicken potpie later in week.


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