Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardening Gnomes

Sunny day. :)

Perfect for gardening.

Perfect outfit for gardening.

Inspired by Inspiration Monday today. It was easy to do. Did not have to rake my brain on this one.

from Two Birds
Easy comfortable style but, to be honest, I don't know much about Liv Tyler. Other than her parentage and those movies she was in, you know that trilogy that had beautiful scenery and magic of some sort....

my little oasis...now if only The Hubs would put that !@#$ umbrella up!
Not sure what I'm doing here...but I like how it turned out...

I'm contemplating what to plant next. The Hubs planted corn, tomatoes, lettuce and green beans. The girls want pumpkins and strawberries. I'm thinking herbs.  We're going to put some more grass where I'm standing, make a nice li'l pathway. I'll have to take pics in a month or so when everything is (finally) filled out.

The 'fit:
shorts: Old Navy/thrift/4.50
shirt: ?(label fell out)/thrift/2
tank: Old Navy/store/4
sandals: ?(no label)/Wise Buys/2
Total: $12.50

Now on to the footwear. I don't have any cute sandals like in the inspiration pic. But I did pick these up last weekend at Wise Buys. I have a friend who works there and told me that they were an awesome sidewalk sale with clothes and shoes for $2-3!! I went, I shopped, I spent $39!! Not what I had planned on spending but with Cupcake and I finding shirts and whatnot in our sizes and for only $2 it was hard to not say "Get it!" but those items add up quickly! I'll have to post what I bought later...because I also went yardsaling (?) that day and picked up some treasures! :)

Ok...truth...just kidding about the whole gardening thing.

I didn't really do yard work in those shoes.

I did it in these.


p.s. now on to find some lace
p.p.s. I don't have any gnomes....maybe I need one. Don't they bring good luck or something....??


Tanta Opa said...

Love the picture of you with rays of sun shinning on you.
Like the sandals, but love the hot pink boots.

p.s. garden gnomes scare me.

two birds said...

love this look...your pictures look so artsy! i love those pink boots, too! and i envy your garden!