Friday, December 30, 2011

PickyPants' Ghost

*warning: this blog has been hijacked by PickyPants!!*

Hello dear readers, PickyPants here, and I'm starting my own blog! I think I am going to call it "PickyPants' Ghost" or something like that (and no, I didn't die).

More information about my blog: I write about paranormal things. I will also say if it is real or not (so you don't have to search the internet almost every time I blog). I also write about differant things.For example I would blog about music, things I learned that other people might not know. And last but not  least, I'll write about books.

For example. See the ghost?!

This is one of the best examples that ghosts are real and scientists have proven that this is a real ghost and this was taken in a very haunted area. So this proves to me that GHOSTS ARE REAL!!!

I don't want to spoil my blog and write everything on The Mom's blog, so.... keep watch for PickyPants' Ghost! (and no, I didn't die)

Ghostfully yours,


Unknown said...


I for one will follow your blogs. I too believe in Ghosts and the paranormal, so I am looking forward to your blogs.

Great picture of a ghost, and great first blog.

Tanta Opa

LaelShine said...

My 13 yr old has got me hooked on all sorts of ghost shows on tv. I will cheerfully stayed tuned here, for more!