Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catching Up

reading: "The Serpent and The Moon" by Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent, it's about King Henri II (of France) and his life-long love affair with Diane de Poitiers, an aristocrat of the court, who was 19 years his senior. I'm on chapter three and really like it so far although I've had to flip back and forth a little to get all the who married whom in order. So far that's what it's been about, a background introducing us to King Francois, Diane and Catherine de' Medici, Henri's wife-to-be. Haven't had a whole lot of time to dedicate to it because I'm working on finishing up Textbook of Ayurveda book II. I should be done with this whole course by Jan/Feb. (whew!)

watching: Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa. December is here! December is here! Bring on the movies and music, baby!! I love watching a movie a day and rockin' out to Christmas tunes! I started early this year though, I usually wait until first weekend of December to really decorate but just couldn't wait and started day after Thanksgiving. "We need a little Christmas, right this very minute!"

relaxing: been decorating, went black friday shopping (first time evah) and got most of my shopping done already! Bought Cupcake (among other things) a sewing machine (she's really into designing and has been making purses lately), Picky Pants a guitar (she's into music, I'm going to let her start practicing on my violin too) and Little Monster a Black&Decker Jr. work bench (he's into tools and banging things). Feeling accomplished and ahead of the game!! I usually wait until a few days before-hand   :/

eating: Braised country-style pork ribs, herbed mashed potatoes, veggie medley. I've still been doing menu planning, it really helps a lot with dinner time chaos and has brought my grocery bill down to about $120 a week, which I think is really good. This week I looked up $10 dinners on Food Network, some good stuff there, folks!

listening to: Heartland Christmas Channel like I said above I like Christmas music, I'll keep playing till after the New Years or until the family starts to complain whichever comes last.  On the radio there is only one station that is playing C. music right now and I loath it! I hate hearing "Sleigh Ride" three times in one hour it drives me crazy!!'s a time when the ol' web comes in handy (and having the comp in the dining room) there's so many options out there, Picky Pants and I figured out that we'd have to listen for about 4-5 months straight to hear them all. Well, here goes!!

sharing: So where have I been? No where really. I've had blog ideas throughout the day but every time I sat down at the computer I felt more like streaming then blogging. I didn't feel like taking pictures, typing or thinking too hard. My brain has been occupé lately with other stuff like helping kids with homework, finishing my course, looking for a job, finishing my book, beating myself up about not finishing my book. For some reason, the motivation came back and here I am. I have lots to share, things I've been saving in my "best of" folder just to show you guys*.

See, I have been thinking about you!! ♥


*like this

Can anyone tell my why the cutesy romantic lead has to be so clutzy?!?


Meagan said...

Those ribs and mashed potatoes sound soooo good. You've inspired me to do some menu planning!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year,
I always put things off till the last day to shop. Hench this year I mailed things out at the last minute. I am always late, maybe that is why I am just now reading your post.
Dinner sounds great, I wish I had a meal planner. Oh where is your picture of your Christmas outfit? Love seeing what you are wearing.