Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reading: Mary Higgins Clark

well....i've been away from the blogging game for awhile. a long while.

miss me?

you don't have to answer that.

now, that i'm sitting here my mind is a complete blank.

i put on the Daft Punk station on Pandora to get me in the mood.

i've also fallen away from all my book challenges i set in the beginning of the year, maybe i can catch up.


lately i've been reading Mary Higgins Clark. never picked up her books before. I've been getting my Grandma the books on CD while i would read the book. then we compare/talk about it.

Have read No Place Like Home and just finished Where Are You Now?.

Where Are You Now? is a whole heck of a lot better than NPLH. With NPLH I guessed who it was from the beginning and how it ended - with a marriage - just pissed me off. With WAYN? i didn't guess who it was so it was a bit of a page turner for me and I finished it whithin a week, which for me is saying a lot. didn't like how it ended in a marriage (again) but since I saw that one coming a mile away I wasn't too mad.

i like how the chapters are short so that I can read like 10 chapters at a sitting and not get too bored. when i start to get bored i flip ahead, so that's when i know it's time to put the book down.

i finished this one before Grandma has finished her CD's and i'm dying for her to finally finish. She finished NPLH before me and to tell you the truth, because i found that one extremely boring and annoying i just went ahead and skimmed through the last couple of chapters to get to the real meat of the "whodunnit." Which wasn't a surprise like I said.

i'll probably read a couple more but i tell you if they keep ending in marriages i'm going to throw in the towel.


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