Friday, January 27, 2012

Reading: Murder of a Bookstore Babe

Finally finished my first cozy mystery of the year.

Came out last year and it is #13 in the series. Basically it's about this chick, Skye Denison, who is a school psychologist in a small town, she has dated/is dating the two hottest guys in Scumble River and she stumbles across murders.

In this one a new bookstore is opening up by a couple that is from New York City (new york city?!) and the town is up in arms about it because they don't like newbies, especially newbies that are going to take business away from their own mom&pop stores.

It doesn't take long before a dead body turns up in the bookstore. So the question is, was the victim the intended victim or not?? Oh, and who did it of course.

At just 243 pages, I'm surprised at how long it took me read this little paperback but I finally got through it and have now completed book #1 for the cozy mystery challenge and the letter M for the A-Z.

Now, the challenge is to find mysteries that don't start with Muuuurrrrderrrr.

What I liked:
1) The protagonist seems to be a slightly chubby woman with a healthy appetite who's comfortable with herself. I like that she's not a "skinnie-minnie-with-an-attitude", that type gets real old after a while. (am I right, ladies??)

two nuggets of wisdom I came away with:

2) "...a closed mind is often accompanied by an open mouth." Father Burns, pg. 226

3) "...any relationship is under the control of the person who cares the least, not the most." Skye Dennison, pg. 239 (This struck out to me, and as I thought about past relationships it really rang true...just something to think about....)

What I didn't like:
1) With the aforementioned number one being said....I really didn't like Skye's personality. It seemed slightly vanilla to me. The Chicago Tribune called her a "charming heroine." I didn't find her all that charming, she seemed so Pollyanna. I really wanted Skye to have a flaw (other than the few pounds). She doesn't have a whole of wit and it seems like she takes other people way too seriously.

2) The small town attitude. This takes place in Scumble River and Skye is related to almost half the population what with all the cousins and such and apparently her mother is the town's biggest gossip and knows all the news that's fit to know. Skye's mother got annoying half way through. I'm not a small town girl and the whole "everyone knowing each others business" grated on my nerves. (although The Cat Who...books don't annoy me, go figure)

I most likely won't be visiting Scumble River in the near future. I came, I stayed three weeks, I'm hightailing it out of there!!

With my book reviews comes Theme Thursdays hosted by Reading Between Pages..., this week the theme is  very:

"Skye shook her head. Her brother was excellent at existing in the here and now, but he had never been very good with the concept of future consequences." Murder of a Bookstore Babe, pg. 83

Next on my TBR list: Tinker Tailor...and Paranormalcy.

Get reading!


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