Friday, March 15, 2013

Light a fire

I gotta light a fire under my butt today and get moving.

See, I fell on Tuesday and bruised myself up pretty bad.

All because of the stupid fire alarm.

I set the self-cleaning thingy on the stove and because something had spilled on the bottom the house got smoky then the fire alarm went off. I went upstairs to open the windows and turn it off. As I'm standing on a rubber tub (because the stools were rickety and I was afraid I was going to fall - the rubber tub seemed the safest option) pushing the buttons on the alarm - which didn't work by the way. So I was like "well I'll just take the batteries out for a little while until the smoke dissipates", well that didn't work either because there are no batteries in it. It's like connected to some wires in the ceiling or something. Anyway I'm frantically trying to somehow turn it off because the beep, beep, beep is now piercing my brain and then of course, wouldn't you know it, the phone starts ringing.  So know I'm under pressure to turn off the damn thing and answer the phone.

Well....the tub buckles under me, slips and I fell off. So much for that "this will be safer than a stool" thinking.

I'm not a graceful faller. I twisted my wrist and scraped my knee. I lay there for a minute going "sssss....ow.....sssss...ow."

The smoke detector stops on its own, the phone stops ringing.

And I'm laying there.

That floor is really hard.

The next two days I'm really sore. Now I have a big ugly bruise on my knee. No skirt for my today.

Because I've been sore I haven't done a thing. Nothing!

Now, today life is encroaching on me and I gotta get moving.

Perfect day for this song. Which I've been listening to quite a bit lately and even woke up singing this morning. If it gets stuck in your head're welcome!

I wanna cut my hair like hers.

Linking up today with Whitney for backthatazzup. Man, if you listen to all those songs you'll have quite the party!


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Tanta Opa said...

I Love the hair , and I do like the song.