Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wearing and Watching: oufit #5 & a white snake

Well my friends....I'm on to outfit #5 and the brown streak continues.

dress: white stag - thrift - .50
loafers: o'connor & goldberg - thrift - 2.00
hat: my mom's diy
What i like: this dress is totally outside of my comfort zone what with being plaid and all. I know right, crazy! It's got two functional breast pockets, buttons down (except for the last 4 non-functional buttons. what?), 3/4 length sleeves that can roll up and button into short sleeves and it was for the low price of 50 cents!
I have a thrift store in the neighboring town that is a house converted into a store, run by cute li'l old ladies and in one room the clothes don't have price tags. Whatever items don't have price tags they just stuff into a bag (and they can stuff alot) and you get the whole bag for 2.00! I have found some cute sweaters, a couple pairs of jeans and this dress in that room. That's how I keep getting items for approximately .50 and it might even be lower depending on how much was actually in the bag, I don't always remember how much I buy.
And that's my problem. Hence my shopping ban.
The Moms wanted to see if this hat would match. So to humor her, you know...but I was pleasantly surprised I thought it was cute.
I bought this little item last month. I thought it was cute and was only $1.85.
It's a piggy bank and on top it says *pennies for paris*
It's already half full, ha! But I think it's gonna take quite a few more fill-ups to afford a trip to Paris.
I'm excited! Tonite The Sorceror and The White Snake is on! I thought is was coming out this year but I found out it premiered in 2011 and it's on the hdnet movie channel tonite!! It's got Jet Li and looks totally trippy and cool. Got some snacks on hand and a bottle of wine for my viewing pleasure.
Also got In Time in the mail, another movie that came out in 2011 with Justin Timberlake. Have you seen it? Is it good?
I just gotta hurry and watch so I can get disc 2 of season three of Gilmore Girls!! I'm a little behind the game on that one but man is it goooood! Any Gilmore Girls fans out there?
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Laeli said...

Oh I love me some plaid!
It's a joke in this family now. I get teased a lot but I just can't help it.

That is a very cute dress!