Friday, July 22, 2011

"One thing leads to another"

I'm finally going to link up to Inspiration Monday. I had an outfit planned on Monday, Phoenix T and skirt, but when I took the skirt off the hanger there was this big pink blob on it like gum or candy. I don't remember eating anything pink last time I wore this...

Could it have been Cupcake?

Being disappointed and slightly mystified I got thrown off track and ended up just wearing shorts and whatnot.

Come Tuesday night, I go to the California State Fair to cover the Neon Trees concert. Cupcake can't go so I figured I'd buy her a t-shirt.

Excellent concert by the way!! Was very impressed and would actually go see them again.

Wednesday morning, an idea occurred to me....

"Cupcake, let me see your shirt..."

Here's inspiration picture:

America Ferrera

Voila! Mon idée:

the 'fit
t-shirt = Neon Trees concert - $20
skirt = Ann Taylor - thrift - 4
belt = ? - Dollar Tree - 1
shoes = attention - Kmart - 10
Total=  $35

And here's another pic with almost the same exact pose

also linking up to Real Momma, Real Style this week

And complete with the wet-hair-drowned-rat look. I actually do like how this came together and will probably wear it out in public very soon, sans the wet hair.

So, feeling confident I got to work on my article got it typed and posted on time. (oh, did I tell you I'm writing for the I get to go to events for free as long as I write up on it. I also have the freedom to write my own articles. Having loads of fun with it! Please check it out!)


Still with a concert high I ended up staying up late that night and stumbled across this. One of the best songs I've heard in a loooong time. But of course it doesn't hurt that this song features Thomas Mars ;)!

Martin Solveig - "The Night Out" by vinylandvodka

Two days later, I'm still listening to it and can't get it out of my head...not that I want to!

Then today The Hubs took the kiddies swimming for a few hours and I finally got the floor mopped for this week and was able to write this and take a test, feeling so accomplished I'm ready to sit back and catch up on Wilfred.


p.s. here's some backstage pics:

Tyler Glenn (lead singer) and me

Elaine Bradley (drums) and me

Chris Allen (guitar) and me
saw a crowd forming, wondered why and ended up getting these pics!! sooo stoked :)

p.p.s. don't forget about "What a waste of time" linking party coming up tomorrow!!


Debbie Baker Burns said...

Your concert tee was perfect for the challenge! I do like the outfit; listening to the son right now. Debbie

lauren van schijndel said...

i have to say that i love that skirt you're wearing up there! =) the whole outfits awesome. you should submit it to the wear to go girls facebook page. they do this thing every week were they feature another blogger as the "best look of the week" on their blog, and all you have to do for a chance to get featured is to post a picture of your look, and tell them where you wore it!/pages/The-Wear-to-go-Girls/138631736207424

happy blogging! much love!