Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a waste of time!

I have finally settled on a topic for my very own linking party.

YAY!!    {crowd goes wild}

I give you....

"What a waste of time!"

What did you do this week that ended up being a complete waste of your time? Did you watch a horrible tv show or movie? Read a disappointing book? Clean the closet and someone came along and ravaged it looking for something? Rake the leaves and the kids ran through them? Go somewhere and it just happened to be closed?

This is your chance to rant tell us all about it. We'll commiserate in each other's misery and pass around a virtual plate of french fries with whatever condiment you want.

To get it started here's what I wasted my time on:

1) Episode 5 of The World According to Paris. The one where she's gained a little weight, then the paparazzi think she's pregos, so the whole episode ends up being about whether or not she is.

What a waste of time!

O.K. so technically that was last week, but I still feel a little animosity toward that episode. We all know she wasn't/is not pregnant so why make us sit through that drivel? Her family and friends were making a big deal out of it all without a pregnancy test to back it up. Yes, I sat through the whole thing. Yes, I pounded the arm of my chair, then the counter during the whole thing saying how stupid it all was. Even The Hubs turned away from this one. (don't tell anyone he watches it please, it's our dirty little secret!)

2) Geo-caching. I spend two days this week going over the same two places looking for caches. I have yet to find them!

What a waste of time!

Do you geo-cache? Can you ever find the stupid things? Do you know why I can't?
I'm thinking I need to find an experienced cacher to go with so they can show me what to do because I'm getting beyond frustrated!!  {pounds chair}   But yet I must be a little crazy because I want to go out again today to a different spot and try, try again.


What about you?

Misery loves company.

Rules? There are none. Just link up when you got a "waste of time" to share, read some others and please don't forget to give a hug and an "aaaawwww!"

As for those french frys, I'll take ranch dressing please....


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Shayla said...

This sounds fun! I'm too exhausted right now to think but i will be back to link! (see how i ryhmed there?). Thanks for the follow!