Sunday, October 2, 2011


I had the fam write down their fears (me included) and just for the fun of it I thought I would showcase one a day. (I'll have to post two today to catch up...of course)

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and I thought I'd have a little fun with it on this here blog.

Plus I told myself that if I can do this for the whole month I'll buy myself something new. That's a big incentive right there!

First off we have the fear of Picky Pants, Cupcake and Little Monster which is spiders!!!

They always scream and yell for their dad to come catch them. He'll come running with a tissue, scoop it up and toss it outside. They're like "YAY!!"

 I'm pretty nonchalant about spiders, they don't bother me. I'm always like "Calm down, it won't hurt you."

I rented the movie Arachnophobia one night (remember that one?) the kids loved it and it still freaked them out!

I also wanted to post a "halloweenish" type song along with the phobias, when I think of spiders I think of this song....

I may not be afraid of spiders but I'm very scared of......


p.s. image via flikr


LaelShine said...

I think spiders are super cool. We had a big one as a pet, growing up and one night it got loose...yeah those suckers can move!

Meagan said...

I love halloween and the cure!