Monday, January 23, 2012

Another rousing round of "songs i'm diggin' "

ever heard a song and then like it so much you gotta listen to it over and over again? in the same day?

that's what happened to me today.

was listening to radio and heard a song that i was immediately struck by and promptly looked up on youtube and played it over and over. told Cupcake about it when she got home and she was like "yeah, i've heard of it and totally like it." we looked up the official video on bing and i have been playing it constantly ever since.

can't get it out of my head, wanna sing it on karaoke.

gotye - somebody that i used to know (feat. kimbra) |

another song the girls introduced me to that i wanna hear over and over is:

Awolnation: It's not your fault

and of course, i loooove this one. it came out during the summer and i had it on constant replay. I put it away for December and just today took it for a spin. still loooove it. looked up the official lyrics today as there was one or two lines i couldn't, for the life of me, decipher. now that i know what he's saying, i think it's even more cute!

Martin Solveig: The night out featuring Thomas Mars

the lyrics just in case:

cupcake and i reminisced about the last time we saw Phoenix and we got all excited and started jumping up and down, waving our hands and screaming. (yeah, I can totally act like a 14 year old)

i can only wonder what the neighbors were thinking.....


p.s. yes, gotye is on its 50th rotation

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