Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu planning: week six

Thought I'd join my fellow menu-planners this week.

Even though I've been slow on the blog front I've still been planning my weekly menu. The great thing is now I have pages in my notebook full of menu plans and grocery lists - makes things so much easier when I'm stuck and I can go back and refresh my memory on a great dinner we had and see the ingredients right there!

Today I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday @ I'm an organizing junkie.

Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: Lasagna, The Hubs recipe - lets hope he doesn't put too much ricotta in it :p

Tuesday: Mexican Street Tacos-new recipe from Eat This Book by Tyler Florence -

Wednesday: Tostados
sides: spanish rice

Thursday: Ham Greek Salad w/hard boiled eggs - new recipe

Friday: Ham and cheese quiche
sides: simple salad, kiwi-strawberry pops (for dessert)

Saturday: Pulled pork sandwiches - crock pot
sides: homemade onion rings

Sunday: Potato soup
sides: homemade bread - I'm trying my hand at making my own...wish me luck!

I'll be showcasing Tuesday's dinner Wednesday. I have some words to say about 'ol Tyler Florence's cookbooks.....(grrrr....)



LaelShine said...

I can;t wait for your TF comments. That man makes me insane with irritation.

Jane said...

Meal planning is such a great idea.
Sounds like you have a yummy week ahead of you... what time did you say supper is?

Tanta Opa said...

Oh I am so going to use some of these. Makes my mouth water.