Friday, April 8, 2011

Tasty Thursday: Can you help me?

Two things to share.

1) I'm looking for a new drink.
I'm at an age now where I want a signature drink. I like to drink wine and if I go out I usually order a Corona. I have become quite bored with this. I want something that is mine, something that I can always order and feel a bit more grownup than just asking for a beer, something I can serve at dinner parties and more importantly something that my husband wouldn't be embarrassed to order! (i.e. Mountain Dew Me, or a Bend Over Shirley - dirty drinks, check it out!)
Buuuut, I don't want to start ordering Cosmo's. For some reason I feel that's a bit mature for me, like I'm not quite ready yet, maybe in 10 years.

I have recently tried two drinks, Butter Beer and Wine Sprite.

ButterBeer (not the recipe I used but this one sounds better) is butterscotch schnapps with cream soda. Very sweet...too sweet. Not something I would drink all the time, in fact probably never again. (no pics to share :(

I give it: 1 champagne glass (does anyone know how to make a rating system?)

Next was Wine Sprite. This is actually pretty good. I didn't stir the first time for some reason and it took a minute for everything to mix in so I didn't like it at first. The second one I remembered to stir and the Sprite mixed in beautifully making the wine all bubbly with a pink lemonade look.

Need: White Zinfandel (whatever white or pink wine you like), Sprite, two ice cubes and a wine glass

Mix with your pinkie and drink. Repeat.

I give it: 3 champagne glasses

But, I don't think I want to order a Wine Sprite when out, so I'm still experimenting. What are you drinking?

Which brings us to:

2) I want to start a linky party!
After 20 minutes researching with a bowl of ice cream hours of extensive research with little more than bread and water for nourishment, I have come to the conclusion that we like linky parties and themes and I like food.

Soooo.....if I put the two together I come up with a Tasty Thursday link party where you can link up recipes, new foods or drinks that you have recently tried. I'm thinking every month would have a different theme. As months go on we can vote on the themes, but for this month I want to focus on drinks.

Would you be interested in doing this? I think it would be a good way to find new bloggers, new foods, new ideas.

I want to start this next Thursday, so dust off those cocktail recipes!

pants: D.F.A new york/BCF/10
blouse: ?/friends yard sale/1
tank: old random tank
shoes: to the MAX /walmart/10
ye ol' costume jewelery
TOTAL: $21 (ish)

Yesterday I mentioned the Redbook 31 day of outfits. I found the article here; go check it out it might just give you some ideas too, especially if you have a very big scarf like they show then this vid demonstrates new ways to wear it. (I'm intrigued by the halter top).

 This outfit was inspired by number 24 (yesterday was #31).

I didn't want to wear another scarf so swapped it for necklaces instead. Two pearl(ish) and charm type costume jewelry.

Oh, also swapped the high heels for flats. I could do the heels though, some other time.

I'm also wearing a purple stone ring. I like costume jewelry, probably reminds me of playing with my grandma's when I was a kid. Plus if it breaks or get lost no biggie!!

So guys, what do you think of having a linky party? Think it'll be fun? And more importantly, have any yummy drink recipes for me???


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