Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday: Playing dress up

I decided that I needed a pair of black shorts and a flowery dress.

So, having a few hours to kill I stopped by (dun, duh, duuuuh).... THE GOODWILL.

I say it like that because I usually don't like shopping there. Everything is priced the same, like all shorts are $4.35, all dresses $5.99 etc., and they don't have sale days (at least not that I've been able to catch).

But being as that was the closest thrift store, I shrugged my shoulder and went in not expecting to really find what I was looking for. No harm no foul.

Grrrrr....mais bien sûr I found what I was looking for. Practically walked right to them. And they were everything I was looking for. I chewed my bottom lip for a minute in debate with myself. Do I? Don't I?

In the end I did. Because I did tell myself that if I found it I would buy it....don't you just hate when that happens?!

Hence, I am now playing dress up....and taking pics :) (lucky you!)

What I'm wearing Saturday night out with friends:

jacket: prague/ebay/10
shirt: carol rose/ross/5
shorts: oldnavy/thrift/4.35
boots: ?/ebay/3
tights: xhiliration/walmart/1 (seriously!)
TOTAL: $23.35

am I getting ready to pirouette, or what?

hmmm...what to make for dinner...?
And the Lucky Dress. Lucky Dress is named so because it's lucky I bought it...and I was lucky enough to find exactly what I was looking for, it fits perfectly... and I just feel lucky in it!*

shoes:  carvela/handmedown/free

if I'm going to play dress-up, why not leopard print heels?!

feelin' pretty, oh so pretty ;)

Now here's what I really wore today to take the kiddies to some parks:

blouse: D.F.A. new york/BCF/10
scarf: ?/Cupcakes/borrowed
pants: A.N.A /thrift/5
shoes: converse/gift from The Hubs/free
TOTAL: $15

just relaxin' in the sun

Hi there!

Let's not forget the tunes. I put in "The Fear" by Lilly Allen in Pandora and she (with a name like Pandora it's gotta be a girl) has come up with some great stuff! Like this:

Carolina Liar

Frou Frou



p.s. photo-bombed! (oh the hazards of having three kiddies)

Picky Pants and then...

Little Monster!

* if you know how many times I said lucky you get $1!


She is Sara said...

Haha this was cute! I am glad that you got what you were looking for too :)

LyddieGal said...

Love the bright dress, what a great find!

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