Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catching up: frock it like it's hot!

Because it is. It really is.

Around 100 today. Yikes!! I'm usually not one to complain about the weather, but I've found that the older I get the less I can tolerate the heat. So...I'm gonna complain a li'l today.

The Hubs says it's because I don't go outside to get myself acclimated to it. I say "Because it's too hot!!"

But he's exaggerating (as always). I go for a walk every day, sometimes I even punish the kids by making them go.

Anyway, hence the reason for my sun frock:

From my MIL. Don't think I like it too much though, it's a bit big and makes me look stomach-y (as opposed to hip-y). It's the first time I've worn it - and truthfully, I changed as soon as I saw these pics.

Whip off the hat and look - nouvelle coupe de cheveux!!

I got tired of the medium length and, truthfully, was mad at The Hubs so last saturday I chopped it off.

Isn't that why we cut our hair, ladies? Because of men...we break up with 'em,we get mad at 'em, we wanna exact a little what do we do?? Snip, snip!!  LOL!! (by the why, The Hubs liked it & I'm no longer mad...hehe!)

But my new haircut goes with....

My new car!! A "retro" VW Golf. So cute and zippy. Perfect interior and exterior and was practically a steal!! My previous was a Mercury Mountaineer named Frank (yes, I name my cars). I couldn't stand the horrible gas mileage or how big it was so sold him and bought this cut li'l thing. 40 freeway, 31 in town - alot better than what I was getting. Now it's time to plan a trip!!

See how cute I look!! Well...I think so!

"What did you name this one?" you're all asking, right?

After some deliberation and driving around a bit, I've decided this car is a girl and I've named her Dawn. Why? Because she is a 5-speed, I've never really drove a 5-speed before and it's a bit of a learning it has become a love/hate relationship.

"But I still don't get it" you ask in confusion.

Well...there's a certain morning talk show here called The Rob Arnie and Dawn show. It's on from 5am-10. Dawn is the girl you love to hate. She's always laughing, friendly, the type to make cakes for her neighbors, remember everyone's birthday, would be a hoot to hang out...but....her political views are maddening!! Sometimes we yell at our radio because of her views and you can see she gets her co-hosts all riled up. It's a very funny morning show, none of that "war of the roses" junk, just talking about current topics. Rob is very analytical, always has all the facts. Arnie is a "good 'ol boy" from Texas, hard exterior with a soft heart and Dawn....well....just listen. Give it just an hour a day for a week, I can almost guarantee you'll be hooked. You can listen online here:

What else?? Hmmm...We cut down our corn and will be makinga little teepee today in our backyard and having a cook-out. Might even borrow a projector from a friend and have a movie outside. I'll post the pics later, I have a feeling the kids are gonna dig it! (They don't know yet...shhhh)


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