Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wearing: How do you solve a problem like this skirt?

Three layers - yellow on top with sparkles and beads, white in the middle then another layer of yellow.

You try to wear it for Inspiration Monday, that's how.

Keira Knightley via Two Birds

Then you find that the slits are just a tad too short - so short you feel like your tookus is sticking out.

How do you solve a problem like this?

You put on a slip, that's how.

Now you feel better and the slip actually looks kinda cute sticking out like that. You realize this skirt is pretty and light and makes you feel very feminine.

Soon other ideas pop into head....white tank with brown belt and heels...(other brown heels that are more mary jane type)

Well, that's pretty much that comes to your you turn to your fellow bloggers...

And pose the question:

"How do you solve a problem like this skirt?"

for inspiration*


linking up with two birds: inspiration monday, The Pleated Poppy: what we wore and for the first time(!) That Kind of Beautiful hosted by Laura over at That Kind of Mom.

* or maybe not. i've just had this song running through my head all day.

p.s. it's still in the 90's or so here folks, so i'm not feeling fall-ish yet, can't dig out my boots or!!


Khadija said...

I would wear that with long sleeved brown shirt and some boots! Yeah fall weather is on my mind :)

Ania said...

leggings underneath would be cute too

LaelShine said...

I love that! great colour and cool solution.

I have a jean skirt with a very high slit. It end just below my butt. I wear thongs so I feel pretty racy going out like that, yikes! Think I'll sew that up a bit,lol

two birds said...

what a great skirt! i think you've done it just right. add a cardigan in the fall and it works year round!

readwatchrelax said...

thanks guys! Got some great ideas running through my head now.