Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reading: City of The Snakes

City of the Snakes (The City Trilogy, #3)
City of The Snakes, by Darren Shan, is the third installment of The City series. I did not read the others but I wasn't too completely lost. The others probably have more background of the characters featured in this one and if I was totally enamored of this book I would check them out. But I'm not.

It's about a dirty foul city somewhere, geographically and chronologically. (I have no idea, maybe it says more in the previous books). There are gangs ruling the city and the common folk just seem to live the daily grind and hope they don't get shot.

It starts in the voice of the leader of one of the gangs, Capac Raimi. Something happens to him then it switches to another voice (and a whole 'nother font), that of Al Jeery who has been a killer/vigilante for the past 10 years. He gets coerced to go looking for Capac Raimi. You start to feel for Al Jeery when you hear his back story - for the past 10 years he's been killing baddies and looking for the guy who's been "haunting" him and made his life hell. So you got the main mystery of where's Capac and the secondary one of Jeerys own man-hunt.

I have two more chapters to go, the whole wrap-up if you will. It's not my favorite and I'm not going to visit The City again but it wasn't horrible. Like I said you start to feel for Al and that was what carried me through.

Because I love books I went looking for other blogs and what-not and came across this fun linky party. Hosted by Kavyen at Reading Between Pages it's called "Theme Thursday" where each week a different theme is chosen (like health, or school) and you post a sentence or snippet from the book you're reading (click on link above for the complete rules). This is my first week doing it but it sounds like fun!

This weeks theme is: feeling

" "I'm not afraid of dying," I mutter. "And I won't regret it, not if I take that lot with me." "
pg. 281, City of The Snakes, Darren Shan

 Theme Thursdays

p.s. went to Cupcakes freshman "back to school night" last night which made me feel old (:/) and reflective on "where did all that time go?!" but proud on how Cupcake is growing up.


Bev Hankins said...

Must be a bad lot if he wants to take them with him! Interesting snippet. Here's mine:

Cat said...

Hi - hope you will enjoy Theme Thursdays. Great choice for this week.

She is Sara said...

Oh this sounds so cool! I can't wait to graduate so I can spend more time reading :)