Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wearing: 28 days

And no, I'm not talking about the movie.

I'm talking about a 28 day shopping ban. Just as scary though, I know!!

I've been shopping, shopping, shopping all through January - call it post-Christmas blues or something but I was feeling blah and an easy fix to the blahs is to do a li'l shopping. Thrift and new.

But now it seems that I have amassed quite a bit and coupled with what was already hanging around in my closet I'm almost literally buried in clothes.

Friday night, after doing some more shopping (I can't resist a good clearance sale), I said to myself

"Self, this is enough!"

"You have so many clothes you don't even know what you have anymore."

and I said back, well not really because that would be crazy...

"You're right. I'm going to implement a shopping ban for February and on top of that see if I can wear a different outfit every day instead of going for the tried and true."

I stamped my right fist against my right palm and then and there committed myself.

If I start to waver please pull me back!!

So here is Outfit #2 (yesterdays was nothing to write home to mom about - or take a picture of for that matter - just some black slacks and a striped top.)

skirt: maurices - thrift - 5
cardi: maurices - thrift - .50
white t: gap - old - ?
leggings: ? - walmart -?
boots: decree - thrift - 14
*suck it in, suck it in*
The 40 degree weather around here necessitates leggings worn with everything.
My plan is to not wear my favorite stuff early on in the game because then I would be stuck with the uglies come the last week. (nah, jk closet none of you are ugly. ha!) You girls know what I mean, right?
Well, here goes nothing (except my sanity - ha!)
relax and good dressing,


Mary said...

I love madras plaid! Love it. you look great!

Jessa @ Shalom Sweet Home said...

Ditto on the plaid! Great skirt! And thrifted, even better! :) I really admire your self-awareness. It's not easy to take a good hard look at your habits in today's culture and put the breaks on the shopping; especially when there are so many great clearance deals to be had! I wish you the best of luck with your 28-day challenge!