Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watching and Wearing

What has two thumbs and watched last weeks episode of New Girl twice?

This girl right here!!

Am I excited about this weeks?

You betcha!!

I haven't seen any previews so I'm going in blind. Will they sweep the kiss under the rug? Will Jess tell CeeCee? Will they profess their undying love for each other? Will they kiss again? What about Sam?

Did you guys watch the big kiss?

I've just gotten into New Girl at the end of last year and have been rooting for a Jess/Nick (Ness?) hook-up, but more than just a hook-up - a full on relationship. He's always there for her, watches out for her and their quirkiness compliments each other. They would be so darn cute together. Or would a relationship mess with the whole roommate dynamic?

So many questions!!

Another show I've just gotten into this season is The Bachelor. Are these girls for real? I mean really after what like 4 weeks now you're talking love. Yeah, Sean is cute and all but he's locking lips with practically every girl there. They have to fight to have "time" with him, they'll all like "this is my one chance for love" and last week when Sean took that one girl on a shopping trip she was like "no one has ever treated me this well before or bought me jewelry before". Really?! Girl, I feel sorry for you. Man, I was getting jewelry back in middle school and yeah, I want to feel special on my birthday so dude better step up!

These girls are just ridiculous! That's why Cupcake and I enjoy watching - to talk smack! ha!

And Sean, I'm tired of seeing your good side - what are your flaws? Do you leave your towel on the floor? Your dirty socks? Hate broccoli?  What are they?! And how come no-one is asking him these questions?

Didn't watch last night's episode so got some TV watching to do tonite. Better get a bag of popcorn.

Here's today's outfit. I've been in a brown kick lately. Probably going to wear my brown plaid dress tomorrow.

Outfit #4

*was going for a "right hand in a trench coat" look* (ha)
slacks: new york and company - thrift - 3
tshirt: faded glory - thrift - 2
sweater: basic editions - thrift - .50
flats: bongo- kmart - 10
what I like: These slacks are brown with a gold stripe running through them so they are more festive in person plus they have back pockets. I have a thing about needing back pockets.
The T is soft and is bit longer in back than the front. I guess I would call the sweater variegated and I like the button detail. The flats have a little bow on them and they are just cute and comfy.

*goodbye roll hello crunches* :/
I just noticed today that the previous owner hemmed these up so I had to take out the hem today hence the "no ironed" look! ha! but at least they are not ankle pants anymore which I thought would work with flats. No.

So, yeah. How's your day been! :)

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Debbie Buckland said...

The good relaxing out fit.
I am not enjoying TV at the moment. But really waiting for Once upon a time to start on valentines day.

The batchelor is a great excuse for one man to hore around with dozens of woman on TV.... Used to be called something else once but I'm sure it's not an x rated show... Yes saw the very fist one ever air in NZ but don't like the show and what it stands for.

Miriam said...

Great combination of neutrals and great thrifty finds too :o)