Monday, February 4, 2013

Wearing: Outfit #3

As I'm sure all of you have heard...Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring.


For all of you Spring lovers this is good news. I'm not a Spring lover.

I like the Fall and Winter seasons thank you very much. Don't get me wrong I do like flowers and the *occasional* day out in the sun. ha! But along with March comes Daylight Savings time (mehh), worrying about bathing suits and in three short months the kids will be back home for three long months. (ha! it's not all bad got sleeping in, hiking, concerts and vacations to look forward to!)

I've always wanted to go to Gobbler's Knob (can you believe that name?!) to see this 126 year old tradition but with upwards of 15 to 30,000 people each year it just ain't my scene.

Hey, Phil call me when there's like 5,000 people. That I can deal with.

And Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, that I can really deal with. Watching that movie is a time-honored tradition up there with watching Christmas Vacation every December.

Well, anyway here are some really bad shots of Outfit #3. My mom is the only one with a full-length mirror so don't mind the mess. It ain't mine, it's all hers! And yes, she does collect bears like she collects Betty Boop.

sweater dress: merona - thrift - 7.00
sweater: crazy horse - thrift - .50
belt: came with the dress
booties: danexx - thrift - 5.00
*my photographer cut off my feet!*
what I like about this outfit is the button detail on the sweater it's like a mini-peacoat but in a sweater(!) and the dress has long sleeves, a nice thick feel with a cowl neck and a cute leopard print belt.

No tights today I wasn't feeling it. The whole search-for-the-right-ones, pulling-'em-on, making-sure -I-don't-slip-on-the-ice-and-rip-them (which happened last week btw)-and-then-eventually-taking-them-off just sounded too exhausting! Mondays are spent on blogs, books and my boy. Not usually a dressy day but I got this whole deal with myself and don't want to poop out too early. HA!
After those bad pics of me thought I'd leave you with a cute one of Little Monster dressed as Batman (he's a total camera ham and brings a smile to my face!)
linking up with: Visible Monday hosted by Not Dead Yet Style.
p.s. excited to watch The Bachelor tonite as they are in...Montana! I really just want to see what fun things they do so I can get some ideas...

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Patti said...

He is a cute little superhero, isn't he : > Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday and have a great week!