Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another reading challenge!

Came across another reading challenge it's Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance hosted by Book Chick City.

I'm going for One Howl which is 12/UF PNR books read in 2013.

And...I've already finished my first one!

Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)  I've finally jumped on the Parasol Protectorate bandwagon and boy am I glad I did! This book was witty, fast moving and you just gotta love the characters. Lord Maccon and Alexia Tarabotti make a great "love to hate you" couple. I wish Lord Akeldama was my friend (ha!) and that Professor Lyall had my back. I liked Alexias confidence and her unwillingness to be just like every other girl. Though she far from a girl, what with her being a long-shelf-life spinster. I liked Alexia's "curiosity" when it came to romance with Lord Maccon, just satisfying a curiosity roused by the books she had read. ha! I really dug this book and have now checked out the second one today. Looking forward to diving in!

My only complaint was that it didn't have enough of the steampunk elements I was looking for. I was kinda expecting a steampunk saturated world, a la The Iron Duke although that book was pretty smutty (left me blushing, ha) and Soulless had cute romance scenes, which I preferred. I just want more steam technology. I have acquired a bit of a steampunk obsession and I want more. (see this website I'm drooling over and can't wait to buy something, anything, from it!)

Over all I rated this a 4/5 simply because the characters were interesting enough that I wish that I could meet them and I rushed out to get Changeless, which is saying something.

relax and good reading,

oh, so this fulfills #1 on the UF/PNR and letter S on the A-Z challenge.

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