Thursday, August 18, 2011

21 Days: Using my noodle

21 Day Challenge

Someone will help me get dressed everyday? I'm in!! 
A little late to the game but I took extra time to think about my first outfit. On day 1 of The 21 Day Challenge, hosted by Kayla at Freckles in April, we were supposed to pick an item that we will wear at least three more times, day 2 was all about the tuck then I still had Inspiration Monday, hosted by two birds, to think about.

Could I somehow combine all three??

My head hit the pillow Monday night with different outfit combinations running through my mind. Upon awakening Tuesday something had clicked and this is what I came up with that fit all three requests.

First: Inspiration picture for Inspiration Monday

karolina Kurkova

Now my take:

This is the only plaid shirt I have in my whole closet. It came with a thick black belt but looks better without (plus I seem to have lost misplaced it anyway). I like the ruffle detail too.
This shirt also fulfills the first request of the Challenge. I could have gone safe with a plain tee or blouse but what the heck? Shake it up a little!! And I'll finally be able to see it's full potential...

The second Challenge was "Tuck it in". So I did the half tuck. I never, never tuck. Not even pre-kids. Although back in the 90's it was the front tuck, with tight-rolled jeans of course...

Too make it interesting I plucked this scarf/belt thingy off my shelve, threw it on and belted it. Looked in the mirror and was like "Hey! I like this!" I would totally wear this again with different jeans.
I think I need more plaid.
I feel so accomplished and creative! I did three challenges in one! Now I don't feel (too) behind.
Now on to Challenge #3....Pattern Mixing...
Oh no....patterns?! Mixing patterns?!
Can I wear the plaid shirt again???

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