Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Planning: Week #1

I've discovered a little bit ago that if I plan out my meals for the week before going grocery shopping I don't spend as much money, eat as much junk or feel too stressed at dinner time.

Now that menu planning has become a part of who I am why not share it on my blog which is what this 'ol bloggy thing is for in the first place. :)
Sunday: Asian Chicken 'n Noodles
a returning favorite
Monday: Pork Stir Fry and Sweet Sour
The Hubs idea

Tuesday: Southern Chicken Breasts with Sweet Potatoes
new recipe
sides: biscuits and green beans (from garden!)

Wednesday: Philly Cheese Steaks
new recipe- crock pot
side: baked fries

Thursday: Pork Tacos
The Hubs idea
side: salad

Friday: Spaghetti
same 'ol, same 'ol
side: crusty bread

Saturday: "Anything Goes"

Bear with me in the coming weeks if my formatting goes through some changes, just gotta find my groove. The purple does mean that the recipe is shown on the "Recipe" page. The "new recipe" means it's a recipe that is, well, new and "the Hubs idea" means it's his thing so I get to just sit back and watch the ensuing mess eat some, mostly, good food. Yum! The "same 'ol" means just that, a tried and true recipe because I feel lazy or have been pushing my luck with the kiddies on getting them to channel their inner Anthony Bourdain.

I'm looking forward to seeing what others are eating (is that too weird?), trying some new recipes and just basically having fun with food.

Also later this week I'll be blogging about Tuesdays dinner in more detail, it's a new recipe to me from a cookbook I've had for years.

Stay tuned....


p.s. If you're a menu planner, stop in and see what others are doing or even join in on the fun! links below...

participating in Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie


Joan J said...

Oooo... I'd love a husband that cooks! I've been married 34 years. Do you think it's too late to swap him for one that cooks? LOL I'd love to see your recipe for crock pot philly cheese steaks. Husband's favorite dish, but I usually just use Steak'ums, onions, peppers, etc. A crockpot recipe sounds great.

Thanks for sharing your menu! And I agree 100% - menu planning (especially with store ads in hand) can save money.

LaelShine said...

If we don't plan meals in this house, its take out every night. Yikes! You've got a great week planned out!

Courtney said...

Mmmm Southern Chicken breasts sound SO good. I'm interested to see how crock pot philly cheese steaks are, looking forward to that post!

Jodi said...

Looks yummy! I am definitely going to try the Philly Cheese. I love anything that can go in the crockpot! Have a great week!

Sarah E. said...

Southern Chicken sounds like it'd be fantastic!

I don't trust my husband in the kitchen. He's always adding stuff to food and ruining them! LOL