Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: It's not always about the clothes

because sometimes one picks up something else really awesome at the ye ol' thrift...

I have been wanting a red chair similiar to this for my l. room but had yet to find it within my price range

Then one day.....

Stopped by "R"Thrift with Cupcake to browse for some shirts and cute skirts. Everything was 30% off, saw a red chair sitting in a corner asked how much, took 15 minutes to get an answer back..."$44.95"....hmmm..."o.k. thanks"

Thought about it but since it was going to be an impulse buy, decided to just think about it instead. We went to the counter and found out that if one spent more than $15 one could spin a wheel. Cupcake spun for me and came back with a 50% next item coupon!! Couldn't believe our luck!! Chair was meant to be!! Hugged Cupcake and bought chair for 1/2 half!

Heeelllooo Chaaaairrrr!!!

pic makes it look a little crooked but it's perfect and comfy. I like my throw my snuggie on it for contrast.
Happy am I! and so are Cupcake and Little Monster, who tried to claim it right away....

ok....I did buy a dress (or two) for myself

and maybe a watch....

the same week I bought this, I was wearing my Han Solo one when my dear, sweet Hubs threw me in the pool!! AAAAHHH!!! My watch!!

 He felt bad the next day, took it apart and is now trying to fix it.....aaaaawwwww.... :)

But, hey now I gotta excuse to buy more watches!!


p.s. forgot to add...paid $3 total for the dresses and .99 for the watch

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Rose said...

Wow! What a steal!!( for the watch and the dress)

the chair is totally adorable!! wish i had it!! (^ ^)