Sunday, August 14, 2011

Relaxing: Mani on a Sunday

It's Sunday. The girls are at their grandma's house. Little Monster is doing something little monstery.

And since this weeks FBFF (hosted by Miss Rockwell) is all about the mani...hmmm...manicure time!!

Gotta say I don't normally do my nails. I'm usually too tired at night and when I would get my nails done at the salon the  top layer of my nail would come off with the fake. So I just stopped going. Then I told myself that my hands look younger without polish. So I stopped buying.

Then one day I came across this manicure and it's haunted me since

But it's not Halloween yet.

But....I do have some time on my hands (ha!)

top layer: pink
Let dry and add

second layer: orange

I used N.Y.C polish found at Target for .99. Pink Fuschia Creme and Times Square Tangerine Creme.

I just can't spend more than $3 for polish. I absolutely can not. I start thinking of other things I can buy.

I did like how my nails turned out. I could use some nail lines to make the line sharper and some top coat. This is a manicure I would do in the future. Definitely going to check out the others at Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless and get some more ideas.

Has my girlie side come back?


p.s. While polishing my nails I got this

"me too! me too!"
hence my nails got a might smudged. Have you ever painted your sons nails? What do you think about it?

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