Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu planning: week #2

In all the hub-bub of last week, I completely forgot to post how my philly cheese steak went.

It went marvelous!!

I will expound in further detail in about 5 hours.....that's when Com-pewter will be all mine again...

All mine!! {rubs hands}

Anyway, enough silliness...let's get on to the good stuff!!

Recap: Menu Plan #1:  Every meal went off without a hitch. Kiddies asked for seconds and The Hubs really liked the new recipes. I especially enjoyed the Southern Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. Easy to make and the sweet potatoes and raisins went well with the biscuits and green beans. I mean very well!! I will be making this again. (forgot to mention we did not make the pork tacos...forgot to set out the they are making an appearance again this week. Today in fact.)

Menu Plan Week #2

Monday: Pork Tacos
The Hubs idea
side: salad

Tuesday: Pork Roast
two roasts ended up being defrosted gots to cook it
sides: mashed potatoes, california vegetable blend

Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets
new recipe
sides: homemade fries, green beans (from garden)

Thursday: BLT's on croissants
was going to be a new recipe but The Hubs bought regular bacon instead of Canadian. So...I improvised
side: tomato soup

Friday: Ribs (probably BBQ'd)
The Hubs idea
sides: salad, corn (from garden)

Saturday: "Anything Goes"*


* and yes...saying that does remind of this:

Doesn't it you?!?


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Meagan said...

I love that you are planning your menus! I always want to do this. I hope you'll share your philly cheesesteak recipe. I've tried a couple different ones ones and they never turn out just right.

Mo 'Betta said...

BLT croissants and tomato soup sounds awesome to me! To bad my kids wouldn't eat it..they could have a BL and Dora the Explorer chicken soup I guess! I have some of the pickiest kids everrrr.