Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas accessories and a Christmas concert

Last night was PickyPants' Christmas concert. She plays the trombone which is kinda funny because it's almost as big as she is!

This is what I wore.

green maxi dress (thrifted), silver sweater (Chadwicks), black booties (Kmart)

Yeah, I shop at Kmart. Sometimes they have really good deals and cute clothes, one just has to look. I shop everywhere. I'm not biased! ha!

I thought green (or teal as it's coming out in the pictures) and silver was festive enough for a school concert.

And I'm representin' the holidays with my accessories. I noticed later that Santa's little feet were knocked off. Oh well!

santa pin and snowman scarf

So the concert was cute. PickyPants did a good job. We left after the third act because it was getting late. I really only cared about her and once she was done we hightailed it out of there. I did get a recording of her part of the concert but I'll spare you guys! ;)

Here's a picture of her and her trombone afterwards.

She really likes playing it and I hope she keeps it up.

And here's some cute snowman the kids made to decorate the stage with. to go get my layaway and do some wrapping.

I'll definitely need a "grown-up" eggnog to keep me sustained through all the wrapping tonite!


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