Thursday, December 20, 2012

A sticky situation

I made peanut butter cookies yesterday. Man, is that process a sticky one. No matter how neat I try to be there is still peanut butter on the counter, my fingers and all over Little Monster's face! While making them I had the bright idea to add chocolate whipped topping to some of them. Kinda like a peanut butter cup I was hoping. Actually it was really good! Even my dad liked them and he's not a big fan of PB cookies. Win!!
 It was like 25 degrees yesterday so on goes the thick tights and funny fuzzy hat. Got this from my mom last year when I still lived in California and so didn't have much opportunity to wear it. It's definitely getting its use this year.
Here's my cookie making (and fudge making) outfit.
dress: faded glory (walmart)
blouse: dfa new york (burlington)
tights: miley cyrus (walmart)
boots: nickels (thrifted)
hat: gifted (gee thanks! ;) )

 Yummy, scrummy peanut butter cookies. Recipe from my trusty Better Homes and Garden cookbook. I've used that sucker so much some pages are falling out and some pages seem to have food fingerprints on them (ewww!).  Before:


After: I set them in the frig to harden a bit and then...mmmmm....

Alright, going into the "big city" today to finish up the very last of the shopping. Gonna pick up some nourishment in the way of a big peppermint coffee. mmmm....peppermint...

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Holiday song of the day:

Good King Wenceslas - York Minster


Katie Did What said...

YUM, peanut butter cookies are so yummy! Simple but classic! that hat is pretty awesome. I have one similar that I really don't wear often, because I AM in california, haha!

Thanks for linking up! :)


Lauren said...

I have never thought of putting chocolate on Peanut butter butter cookies, but that sounds Amazing! Thanks for the idea.