Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gah! What just happened?!

O.K. something not so yummy just happened.

In my mom's refrigerator there is a cute cellophane package tied up with a pretty red bow. I eyed it and thought "ooo...yummy little gingerbread squares or fudge, no one will know if I just take a little piece."

I pulled it quietly out of the fridge, untied the cute little bow and popped a tiny square in my mouth.

Immediate horror struck my taste buds.

Not fudge, not gingerbread.


I start gagging and spitting in the sink, washing my mouth out furiously. All the while my Little Monster is saying "Mommy, what you doing? Mommy?"

I can't answer. I have dog biscuit all over my tongue and teeth. What just happened?! I'm gagging, retching, spitting.

Finally get it all rinsed out and start looking for something to get this nasty taste out of my mouth. Luckily I come across some Vanilla Whipped Topping for the cookies and so out of desperation (natch) stick my finger in and rub it all over my tongue, would have worn it for lipstick if that was socially acceptable.

Of course, sneaking food out of someones fridge might not be socially acceptable but in my defense they looked so good.

That's what I get.


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Sara Gerard said...

OMG! That is so funny and horrible all at once!! Poor thing!