Monday, May 23, 2011

"Call me morbid or absurd"

I should say call us...

I have come across a list of cancelled TV shows for the 2010-11 season and The Hubs and I have been going through it and watching 'em one by one ~ at least the ones we can find.

Is that morbid that we want to watch dead shows? Are we absurd that we want to make fun of bad TV?

First off was 100 questions. Cute concept - a British babe goes to a matchmaking service and the matchmaker asks her 100 questions. We get the answer to one question each episode. Cute so far, right? Then it goes horribly wrong...the laugh track is out of control!! After every line uttered the laugh track is right there - guffawing it up. It got distracting, I couldn't even focus on the characters because all I could hear was laughing. Oh, and her accent got annoying. No wonder it only lasted only 6 episodes.

Then we checked out America's Next Great Restaurant. I remember being excited about this one because The Hubs and I have a diner idea and I was curious the steps they would have to go through. But again, a fizzle - or maybe not. I honestly don't remember what restaurant concepts made it through the first day because The Hubs and I were too busy talking about our idea! Oh and The Hubs doesn't like Bobby Flay.
Probs because of this:

kind of a long clip, but bear with's about 3:35 in

Do you watch bad TV? Do you specifically hunt down cancelled shows to watch? Or is that just me?
(And did you just get disgusted by the Bobster?)

More importantly, have you participated in the Bloggers Do It Better challenge? Or the Two Birds Inspiration Monday?  I did! Both were all about menswear or prep school. I like the menswear/Annie Hall look. Maybe I should sport it more often.

I hardly ever wear this hat but really like it. Just don't have much that goes with it.

I'm wearing a tie from the $.99 store. No joke and it's 100% silk! I bought two - yeah, yeah big spender.

It was really hot today. Too hot for a long sleeve, sweater vest, tie and jacket! Whewww!! But I'll definitely dig this back up again in the fall.

How do you rock the menswear??


p.s. now for the absurd:



two birds said...

you should definitely wear that hat more looks great on you! i love that you got 2 100% silk ties at the dollar store! score!

Vale ♥ said...

I like to watch "Bad tv" cause it relaxes me a lot ! I wish I had more time to tune into bad shows, haha :) I like how you styled yourself for the prep school challenge ! Kisses

Cait said...

Like the hat and the sweater vest, and I know what you mean about it being too hot, I was really warm with all the layers on in May!

Daisy said...

Great outfit and surely a good choice for the fall. That pink hat is so cute.

Meagan said...

I love how you paired the red and the pink!