Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movies, writers and leopard print...oh my!

Watched four movies lately in which the main characters were all writers, or in the case of Repo Men, aspiring writers.  I didn't know this going in, well.....ok, Ghost Writer gave it away and the info for Russian Dolls said something about a down-n-out writer, but I didn't know about the other two - honest!

(If one only watches 1/2 of two movies does that still count as having been seen?)

So...how to go about this?  I guess systematically will work...

Checked out Russian Dolls, or Les poupées russes, on Netflix. I've had a bee in my bonnet over french films lately. This one had Romain Duris who've I've seen before in Heartbreaker (review here). In this one he plays Xavier a thirty year old who is unsatisfied with his career. He wanted to be a big writer but instead is playing the bills by being a reporter, a ghost writer and more recently writing for a tv soap. (I didn't pick up that it was a soap, thought it was a cheesy movie, until I read it on IBDb.) Oh, yeah...his love life is unsatisfying too.

So, it goes on. He ends up reconnecting with an old school chum's little sister (now not so little at 26ish), who is also a writer and they work together on that cheesy soap/movie. Of course stolen glances, awkward silences and the like occur. All complicated with an ex-boyfriend and a flirty guy at a bar they frequent. It ends with the typical boy falls for girl, girl and boy hook-up, boy loses girl, girl runs off, boy chases down, happy ending for all.

What I liked about it was that I didn't have to pay to see this! Xavier's career path never really gets resolved and I didn't like who he ended up with. Throughout the film Xavier complains that he doesn't want to write the same ol' kind of love story, that people don't really act like that, then the movie just ends up exactly like a basic rom/com. I didn't really like that, I thought the movie could have gone further....maybe they fall in love and leave the city behind, maybe he doesn't fall in love and ends up being a big writer. I don't know, something! It does have it's funny moments and alert: there's a scene where Xavier and one of his ex-girlfriends are running down the street stark naked!! No joke!! (was glad the kids were in bed when that li'l scene popped up!) For a Netflix movie it's not so bad, let's say 3/5 stars.

Next watched The Ghost Writer.  Hated it! Although I was surprised to see Kim Cattrall and Jim Belushi in it. In this Ewan McGregor plays The Ghost (did we not get his name? I don't remember) a ghost writer hired to write the memoirs of a former Prime Minister played by Pierce Brosnan. But something shady is going on as Ewan is attacked by a motorcyclist right away and the previous writer ended up dead. After the inevitable hookup between writer and PM's wife, I feel asleep. When I woke up I really had no idea what was going on so turned it off.  At that was only like 45 minutes in. The filming was grey, there were always grey clouds or it was raining, which I think is what made me sleepy.  Everyone talked softly and it took soooo long to get to who killed who, if that's even what happened, I really don't know. I have come to the conclusion that I don't like Pierce Brosnan, I didn't even like him as James Bond. I have only liked him as, and maybe they should bring this back....Remington Steele!! Remember that show, y'all?? So, this was pretty blah...2/5 stars.

Then up came 2012 on Encore, or whatever channel that was. Also hated it. John Cusack plays Jackson Curtis a, here it is, WRITER! But again, here Jackson's career is not taking off like he wanted so now he drives a limousine for a big-wig (not really sure what that guy was supposed to do). Then he finds out the world is falling apart thanks to Charlie Frost, played by Woody Harrelson who completely stole the show in my humble opinion. Then it's a big rush to save his kids and ex-wife all while LA is having major earthquakes and Yosemite Valley is going off. I wanted to quit this about 30 minutes in when the ex-wife and her new husband are shopping and he turns to her and says something like "I feel like something's coming between us" then lo and behold an earthquake rips the grocery store in two and they end up opposite sides of the chasm. *big sigh* "I can't take this, can we turn it off now?" The Hubs: "No watch, it get's better" - then he promptly fell asleep.

I promptly turned it off once snoring could be heard coming from the couch. I read.
1/5 stars (the special effects did save it)

Lastly and leastly, Repo Men. Remy, played by Jude Law, is a repo man. But instead of repoing your fine Italian leather sofa or Beemer he comes after your *gasp* organs! He works for a company that puts in the organs then when you can't keep up the monthly payments - knock, knock there's Remy. He's making good money but his wife wants him to quit as he's out at all hours and it's a pretty dangerous job, after all. He thinks it over, tells his partner (who is also his BFF) that he wants to quit, goes on one last score and that's where things go awry. He ends up with an artificial part but now has a conscience (these repo men are just really killers). He can't keep up repoing and falls behind on payments. His marriage falls apart. But don't worry he finds another love (so quickly too) in a singer who has like 10 artificial parts. Never far behind Remy is his partner, played by Forest Whitaker and good I might add, who wants to collect. "A jobs a job".

Through flashbacks you find out that Remy had dreams of becoming a writer. In the present his new girlfriend finds a typewriter and gives it to him. You see him pounding on throughout the movie. Expect when he uses it to kill someone. Yowza! The ending ends in fighting, blood and near death as Remy is trying to get him and his girlfriend out of the system. Then.....well, I don't want to give it away. Let's just say there is some foreshadowing which I should've picked up on right away. I liked it in a way because I like futuristic movies in which the world is full of technology and stuff like Surrogates or The Fifth Element*(a fave) and doesn't look like a Mad Max film. But other than that, meh. Let's say 3/5 stars.

See? All writers. I wanna be a writer, working on a novel right now. But really bloggers, raise your hand if you don't want to be a writer!
That many, huh?!

I've felt that I haven't being paying attention to my book, I'm almost done in fact (it's almost like I don't want it to end - because what's next?!). So maybe the Universe was telling me to get back to it. Right?
Well, I like it... :)

Are you writing something? Does blogging (or life) keep you from it? Are you not going as fast as you would like or are you right on track?
Inquiring minds (read: me!) want to know!!
But more importantly, what was I wearing while watching these flicks? Or, more accurately, what was I wearing as I was writing about watching?

jacket: Rayure/handmedown/free
blouse: Express/friendsyardsale/$.50
slacks: Body by victoria/(same)friendsyardsale/$1
heels: Carvela/handmedown/free

No rhyme or reason today for the choosing other than that I was going to do the Inspiration Monday but my fave jeans were dirty, soooo...slacks it is.

linking up with the Color Brigade today

Wanted to jazz it up a bit so threw this leopard print heels on. I like that the pant covers it a bit so I don't feel so conspicuous.

What am I doing here? Have no idea, trying to mix things up a bit. And what's up with my neck?! Remind me not to do that again!

got this pretty little bracelet for mother's day.
Has come to my attention that I have perpetual bed head. Doesn't matter how many pins or much gel I put in my hair, something always sticks up!  Think I'm going to have to learn to embrace it and work with it instead of fighting it. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" or something like that.

Oh, and that in the above photo I  kinda look like one of these guys: you guess which one:

hmmm...thanks *said the mom sarcastically*

I leave you with a movie that I'm uber-excited to go see! (I've had my eye out for James McAvoy since Wanted (another fave) plus I just really really like the X-Men)


* both had Bruce Willis...hmmm. I think Hollywood has it wrong on what women really want to see - but that's another post for another day. What are your thoughts on movies lately?

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