Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two blogs with one post

Today I'm going to try and kill two birds (no pun intended - you'll see why later) with one blog spot.

If you're reading this then you probably know that today was EBEW. The theme for this month was (is?) florals.

I can count on one hand finger the number of floral items I have. In fact, if anything I normally try to stay as far away from floral print as I can. The Hubs likes flowers but all the stuff he points out when we (eeek!!) happen to be shopping together reminds me of my grandma so I just think "What does he know?!?"
(I would never say that out loud <gasp!>)

When I found out May's theme was on EBEW I knew that I could no longer say non to florals. On a recent trip to Goodwill I found this dress (read about it here) and saved it for today.

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

dress: faithlovehappiness/goodwill/6
cardi: oldnavy/same/3
jacket: prague/ebay/10
shoes: dollhouse/ross/13
bag: phoenix concert/los angeles/10
TOTAL: $42

It's red (obvs) with white flowers. While looking through the dresses for the perfect one, I could hear all the other girls grumbling about size, color and selection. I stood there for like 2-3 minutes riffling through and came across this beauty. Perfect size, length and color..everything I wanted (if only everything in life was this easy!) held it up to make sure of fit (I don't try on) and sauntered out of there with head held high leaving bad looks in my wake.

One little teensy problem. The belt is attached in the back so no adjusting or removing, the best I could do was remove it from those little string hoops.

Hmmm...may have to cut those....

"What's up with the jean jacket?" you ask. Well....this weeks inspiration monday from Two Birds (get it now? hehehe!!) was Nicole Richie and this look:

via two birds
So, see??  Two linky parties with one post!!

Love when that happens!

To make it me, I added a cardi and brogues. Adore these shoes, so comfy and soft and the right price (13!).

 "What's up with the bag?" you ask.  Oh, that 'ol thing? Just a li'l something I picked up at a Phoenix concert, I believe this one was from Los Angeles when I saw them at the Wiltern. I got tired of my old purse and switched to this for the time being.

not my vid..I was sooo far away at this one..it was my first time seeing them. The energy...their energy...their music live was amazing!! Never again was I that far away!!


p.s. if you're from EBEW check out two birds; if you're from two birds check out Everybody Everywhere for more fun!


two birds said...

i love the double duty!! this dress is so cute and i can't believe you found it, didn't try it on, and it still looks this great on you! great find!!

Debbie Baker Burns said...

I linked up both places, too! :) But didn't think of the pun... :( That dress looks great on you. It was a great find; I love Goodwill!

Meagan said...

I love, love, love phoenix and I was sooo tempted to double up on the links/posts too.