Monday, May 2, 2011

Food, Glorious Food

Title from my fave musical Oliver. Love it so much that I wanted to name my Little Monster Oliver

but alas, The Hubs and I had a difference in opinion so I went with my second choice.

Anyway....on to the food....

I have discovered a new restaurant: Granites, subs.wings and things.

And while there I discovered the most delicious cheeseburger evah and it's only $3.35!! I've become quite obsessed and have been there two weeks in a row now (just one a week...sheeesh!) and have ordered the same thing. (truth: I like beef and pork. no denying, no excuses! just letting you know before you see what i ordered and become quite faint at the sight!)

a delicious, home-made ground round steak bacon cheeseburger!! with freshly shredded lettuce, tomato and onion. with no mayo, of course!

I have since had two of those bad boys!!  side note: these are so big and beefy (owww!!) that dinner is not needed later.

The first time The Hubs, Little Monster and I went in we also ordered the fries just to see what they were like...
crinkle cut!! My favorite! (don't ask me why...just like the ridges I guess) The three of us shared these and Little Monster also got a corn dog which he devoured! good sign!

The next time I went I didn't pick up the fries, it really is too much with the cheeseburger - that monstrosity stands on its own!

There's a new farmers market 10 minutes from my house that I stopped at yesterday. See? I don't always eat cheeseburgers... Was on the hunt for some green beans and fruit. I have to say the prices were a little shocking. $3 for a pound of green beans and oranges were a dollar a pound! The cheapest thing I saw were artichokes for a buck a piece....even my precious almonds were $6 a bag!!

I walked away empty-handed. Wearing this I might add:

jeans: sweetheart/oldnavy/20
blouse: unique spectrum /ross/8
boots: oldnavy/ebay/10
glasses: ?/walmart/5
TOTAL: $43

After walking around all day I discovered a stain on my shirt, on the bottom left corner.


No wonder I was getting strange couldn't have been my bug-eye glasses or that I was wearing boots on a nice spring was totally the stain...

don't look @ me...i'm a mess! lol!!
But don't fret, mes amis, I went to my local mom & pop produce store and picked up my wanted items - $1 a pound for my green beans and $.40 a pound for the oranges!! Ended up spending about $2.50 which would have cost me $6-7 at the farmer's market. My local produce store also makes homemade bread and pastries, I think I'll just stick with them.

And to show that it's not always about junk food, this is what I had for dinner, what my wonderful Hubs cooked up for us, even after taking the kids on a long hike!!

a bit of cornish game hen, fresh green beans and rice.
ok. yes that is a li'l gravy you see but that was it, I promise!
What movie does this remind you of ?!? We always save one of these when watching my favorite scary movie franchise....

The Hubs started to tear into it before I could get a pic...


a li'l hint:


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