Sunday, May 1, 2011


Where do you find inspiration?

A poem?

A beautiful sunset?

A trip to a far off place?

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Lately I have been finding inspiration in the books I've been reading.

Jane Digby, from Twilight of A Goddess, approaches everything in life as if it's a new adventure, something to be excited about. Some of her adventures might be considered taboo but she takes control of her own life, finances and matters of the heart. She doesn't care what other people think of her (for the most part). Her parenting skills might be a bit suspect but I take inspiration in how she lives her life fully and doesn't back down from a challenge, be it being able to love who she wants to naysayers to even robbers. Jane always has her trusty maid and reticule (filled with guns) by her side and her heart and mind open to new experiences.

The Jedi from the infamous Star Wars universe also live their lives open to new experiences and teachings. They don't back down when other organizations try to tell them what is right or wrong, they follow their "gut". Something that is hard to do in real life. When our minds are filled with doubts and questions. The Jedi know how to quiet that inner (complaining) voice and react to new stresses or experiences calmly and rationally (for the most part!). I take inspiration in that. Sitting down, breathing slowly and really listening to what the Universe is trying to tell me - trying to tell me through all the negativity and doubts that are swirling around through my own head.

What fictional characters have inspired you lately?

Talking about inspiration I have come across a new blog and a new linky party. This is from two birds and it's called inspiration monday (click there for May 2nd's inspiration photo). What they do is every week they post a picture of a celebrity that we can draw inspiration from for an OOTD. Pretty fun, huh??

This week was Kim Kardashian:

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This was how I was inspired:

I only have black shorts and was totally fixated on that. I knew that in my give a way pile I had a tan sleeveless blouse. I dug and dug and could not find it but did find this little orange number. I wasn't feeling orange and black. I kept procrastinating thinking.

I looked at the photo again and the feeling that came to mind was kind of a Native American/ Western feel...and les vêtements sont nés  -- an outfit was born!!

It was windy that day so had to add a "jacket".

This beaded necklace was the Native American element.

The booties were for that Western feel.

I would never have worn that shirt, in fact it was in the give-away pile (will still get rid of it but at least I got a wear out of it), never mind pairing it with that skirt. So thank you two birds for inspiring me to throw a whole different (for me) look together!!


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two birds said...

love it! i love how you really took inspiration from it, and i think this outfit really works!