Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nature calls

There's a beautiful botanical garden in my neighborhood.

 A creek runs through it and there are paths that wind through plots of flowers and groves of trees. It's a peaceful, calming place in the middle of a hectic city. I enjoy going here to write and/or daydream.

Swung by today to take some outfit pics.

Just to show off my thrift finds. I've been looking to add some color to my vanilla/chocolate wardrobe.
Dang it, now I want some ice cream.

So I've started with jeans. Have been on the hunt for colored ones and found two pairs at my local thrift store - actually I think that's what it's called...The Thrift Store.

One was this light pink pair for $2.50. A nice straight leg, not skinny, although the waist might be a tad high. But as I'm writing this they have comfortably stretched and have fallen a bit so they don't feel so much like mom jeans anymore.

And this purple pair for $1.50.  Don't ask me why the discrepancies in price when it's at the same store, I'm just glad they do it! These ones are more of a skinny cut and no they don't have pleats, it does look like it in the pic (and like they are bleached) but no they are perfect. I hit the bulls eye twice with this shopping trip especially as I never try on there. My success rate at doing that is about 90%.

Do you try on the clothes there or just hope for the best??

I'm linking up today with Meagan from Spunky Chateau. She started a Thursdays are for thrifters link party. If you are a thrifter and/or want to be inspired by some thrifty finds check it out!

You might have noticed that I posted earlier today.

Why two posts in one day? Why am I kissing dog tags*? Why do fools fall in love?


*They're The Hubs. He was in the navy.
P.s. forgot to mention also linking up with The Pleated Poppy, been weeks since I've been on there...


LaelShine said...

Ok,you are creeping me a groovy cool,neato,fun and friendly way. I also describe myself as a nut AND I call my husband "Hubs". Here I was thinking I was so unusual,ha!
My name is Lael,it's nice to meet you bloggy twin:)

Meagan said...

Those purple jeans are amazing! So glad you shared your finds!

Mongs said...

Nice color combo, you look sweet and cheery in that outfit! That's very good buys for jeans, I hope to find some colored jeans for myself too.