Monday, May 23, 2011

FBFF: I'm peeved off!

No, not really.

It's taking me a while to do this post because I really had to think about it.

My conclusion is:

I don't care!

I was going to write up some peeves but they more I thought of it the more I thought:

I don't care!

If you put too many pictures, blurry pictures, ramble on, the font color is off, the background is too busy...who really cares! (and we've all been guilty of some of these things at some time)

That is what you like! Who am I to judge what you do on your blog? Would I tell you how to write or what to write in your personal journal? No! The same goes here.

I don't take blogging seriously. I use it as a tool to remind me of what I've done throughout the months, how my style is changing, find recipes and hopefully like minded individuals! I'm not out to make money, make a name or be featured on Iron Chef America as a judge (although that would be cool!).

So, in that vein I don't take what you put on your blog as a personal offense (unless you just happen to write my name or something - then that's a whole 'nother thang!) if I don't like it I don't follow. I follow because the I feel the blogger and I have something in common, they're funny, cook delicious meals or wear really cute dresses! I like linky parties because that's a group of bloggers doing something fun and in the case of EBEW if you see others in your town wearing maxi's or floral on that day you can be like "hey, EBEW?" (you might get some weird looks though). Blogging is fun and a nice hobby but nothing more than that. Why should there be a strict formula or rules? Write how you want bad grammar and all, feel what you feel PC or not, design how you want to design pink with purple polka dots or not. Besides we're not automatons, wouldn't that be boring!

Now the only thing I take seriously is you! I adore it when my followers tick up or the stats show that people have been popping in all day!! (who doesn't!) That shows that you like something here. And that keeps me motivated to write more because we gotta stay connected, right?! If I don't always respond right away or it's been a li'l while since I visited your apologies. No excuses but I'm a mother, wife, go to school, writing a novel, working on doing some more freelance, reading, watching and trying to fit in time to relax! We are all busy and have other lives so if you don't always respond when I leave a comment that's cool. I don't give to get.

I cherish my followers and I thank you each and every one!! {virtual hug}

This is my first time doing the FBFF hosted by Modly Chic and I'm a li'l nervous hitting publish...


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