Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 reading challenges

Well, here we go again.


I didn't do too well last year. I did read but when it came to updating the challenges it was a BIG FAIL!  I had a blog break what with preparing to move, moving and then settling in I'm just now finally getting back on track so the updates went out the window.

But a new year means a new start. Right?? And with one of my goals being to "Be Serious" I'm gonna take another stab at this whole challenge thing.

So, here's what I found that piques my interest and shouldn't be too daunting. Right??

1. A - Z Book Challenge 2013 - hosted by Babies, Books and Beyond.
goal: read 26 books that start with a different letter of the alphabet until you read...well...A to Z.
You can decide ahead of time what books to read or fill in as you go. I'm choosing option B - filling in as I go, that seems a bit easier as I never really know what I'm going to read until I a book calls my name from the library shelf. I have a feeling Z is going to be hard, wish Z is for Zombie was a real book at this point! Ha!
quick update: I've already filled in letter D! yay!

2. What's in a Name Challenge - hosted by Beth Fish Reads
goal: read one book each for the 6 different categories.
Sounds like a fun challenge and with only 6 it's not biting off more than I can And these books can be in any format. Always a plus!

3. 2013 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - hosted by Historical Tapestry
goal: Pick one of the 5 different levels and read that many books.
I'm going for Victorian Reader which is 5 books. I just started reading historical fiction last year and really liked it so I'm pretty jazzed about this challenge. Expect some reviews from this genre!

4. 2013 British Books Challenge - hosted by Feeling Fictional
goal: To read at least 12 books by British authors, old or new, any genre.
I'm excited about this one too. I'm wanting to read more steam punk so hopefully can find some British authors along this genre.
quick update: In the midst of The Innocent Spy by Laura Wilson, a British author so yay almost one down.

5. Cruisin' Through The Cozies Reading Challenge - hosted by Socrates' Book Reviews
goal: To pick one of three levels and read that many books.
I'm going for Snoop which is at least 6 books. I find that I gravitate towards cozies when I want a light, fast read. Did this one last year and my goal this year is to actually document them!
quick update: Already finished one book - Death of a Second Wife by Marta Hudgins.

Just finished a book this morning which fills in "D" and one cozy! I'm on my way! Going to the library today to fill in the empty spot on my nightstand.

Please join one or two challenges and we can read together :)



Yvonne said...

Welcome to the cozy challenge! Have fun!

MamaMunky said...

Thanks for joining the A to Z Challenge! I just posted the first mini-challenge over at

Sarah said...

Welcome to the British Books Challenge! I hope you enjoy taking part and find some fabulous new authors :o)