Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best of Fridays: 13 Sweaters

Best website:
Awesome vintage clothing site I stumbled across. They have handbags, dresses, scarves, shoes, books, patterns...quite a few things on my wish list already. Like this Chanel jacket here.

Best free clothes: MIL cleaned out her closet and passed these on to me:

never worn Prague dress, slightly worn Fling t-straps & purse. I will be wearing this!

Best freebies of week: I got these freebies in the mail this week. Check out everyday for new freebies!!



Best deal: My local Thrift-Town had a .99cent sweater sale on Friday and guess how many sweaters I bought?  12 recount: 13! for a grand total of $12.95!! I got two for Little Monster, three for The Hubs, two for Cupcake and the rest are mine..all mine! Believe me I could have kept going everywhere I turned there were more and more racks :)  These sweaters will be definitely be featured on Fashion Cent$ Sunday. My best find of all? This vest that is 100% shetland wool and made in Ireland!! .99cents baby...

see?! (Picky Pants snuck that in as I was snapping)

My finds!!

Best music: Through I hear some great and not so great music. This week I found  Útidúr. They are from Iceland. With horns and nice melodic singing it kinda gives me a Cake vibe, kinda folksy.  Here let me share:  Útidúr- Fisherman's Friend.

Best video: This is a new-to-me vid by Timbaland called The Morning After Dark.  I just really like it, I like the faces that Timbaland makes and, girl crush here, So Shy is beautiful!! Here, enjoy:

So, that rounds out my week. How was yours?


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Nadji said...

Dommage que j'habite aussi loin.
Bonne semaine et à très bientôt.
See soon.