Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie Monday: Rome Rome Rome Rome

Last night I revisited Angels and Demons. The Hubs hadn't seen it yet. I had gone by myself the first weekend it came out. And yes, maybe I should have waited for him but...but..I was just really really excited, okay? I had just finished the book and just couldn't wait to see how it translated on the big screen. I was quite happy with the results and pleasantly surprised to see Ewan McGregor in it since I am a fan, especially as Obi-Wan Kenobi....

padawan? or...

master?  mmm...too hard to decide
Of course, I bought it. (yes, also have The DaVinci Code) We finally got around to watching it. Hubs didn't like it as much as DVC. I like this one better. Go figure! I want to go to Rome now and find these statues and follow The Path of the Illuminati. I just found this as I was typing! Cool! You (me) can take a virtual tour of Rome (well...doing a quick click's okay. I'll find some other site to satisfy my wanderlust) while planning the literal trip.

Rome is on my bucket list. Full of history and creepy/fascinating statues (didn't I tell you about my revulsion/attraction to statues? I blame Clash of the Titans I saw it when I was only four really young).

Plus, with my most favorite group having this song....Rome just sounds that much more romantic, no?

Phoenix -Rome

(ps..hmm..i said "just" too much. will have to find another synonym)

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jojo said...

cupcake says love angels and demons and as for phoenix (<3 deck) they are awesome!!! ><