Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fashion Cent$ Sunday: This is my first time...

...putting pictures of outfits in my blog. I'm a little nervous maybe that's why I've waited to post this. But here goes. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to see what works and what doesn't and to see how, hopefully, my style changes. I have decided that I am finally a grown-up and that I need to dress accordingly, no more just throwing on something. I am going to start taking care of my clothes more and pay attention to classic pieces. Thanks to my mother-in-law I have been introduced to three labels that I am all about now: Rayure, Prague and Moschino. Believe me, I went straight to ebay and put down three bids!! I figure I can build up my wardrobe a bit at a time without breaking the bank. It'll be fun to focus on some new brands and be able to incorporate them in.

But for now...you and I are stuck with what I got.  A little background: I like thrift stores (have three favs), rummage sales, clearance racks and don't mind buying second hand shoes (granted they have to be in FAB condition). My fave colors to wear are black, red, grey and white but have started to really like purple lately. Well, anyway...you'll see.  (ps. i try not to take myself too seriously, as will be made clear, very very clear....)


Monday= skirt:destiny:BCF:$10
red sweater:evie:thrift:4
white sweater:Designers Original:MIL(motherinlaw):free
white tank:mossimo:target:5

wait..let me ponder on these white legs for a minute...

oh, oh...let me cover these suckers up.
Tuesday: jeans:hydraulic:ross:$12
black t: gap:thrift:3
boots:impo:rummage sale:2

hurry it's windy and I gotta go potty

how to look good in a lineup

Wednesday:skirt: AnnTaylor Loft:thrift:3
shirt:secret treasures:?:? (old)
sweater:?:gift:free (also old)
shoes:bucco:BCF (burlington coat factory):10
TOTAL:$15 (approximate)

bottom of shoe: right foot

ummm...the sun's in my face...

Thursday:jeans:gap:gap:$20 (sale! yay!)
black tank:danskin:walmart:5
sweater:bcbg max azaria:thrift:4

when will that bus get here?

i think your finger is in the way


Friday:skirt:Ann Taylor loft:thrift:5
black shirt:carol rose:ross:5
tights:?:walmart:2 (!)
boots:glacee:rummage sale (same one from above):2

i'm either tripping or running, don't really know
i said no more, really!
under my boots...sad, mismatched socks... :

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