Friday, January 7, 2011

Tasty Thursday: I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today

Hamburgers. mmmm....

I'm an all-american girl when it comes to food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, Hawaiian pizza, french fries, milkshakes. (yes, i eat fruits and veggies too)

With so many burger stands and burger recipes out there my goal for the new year is to try a different stand/restaurant and new recipes (hopefully one a week). I'm tired of the same 'ol, same 'ol. I get scared to try new things, afraid I won't like it. But really there is nothing to be afraid of. The Hubs likes everything so I shouldn't worry about having a couple of bites, hating it, feeling guilty about not eating what I ordered and so on when a doggie bag becomes the perfect midnight snack/breakfast/lunch for my honey. a weird way that was just me saying I'm going to EAT NEW FOODS this year!! Did you hear that world? I'm coming out of my shell...but not really out of the hamburger buns. Hey, I gotta start slow and new burger joints are a way for me to put a crack in that It's just the beginning maybe by the end of the year I'll be eating sushi!* The Hubs and I are trying out a new spot, Lou's Burgers and this weekend I'm The Hubs is going to cook up a new recipe, The Roethlis-Burger that I found through Dee Dee's Delights. (Thank you!) I'll post pics and results...later

Also, found this this week through Flavorful World food and drink blog. What goes better with hamburgers than...chocolate milk!

 "Chocolate milk?" you ask "What about beer?" Yes, chocolate milk, if said drink is 40 proof!! This is definitely NSFW-or-the-kiddies kind of drink. It's from Adult Beverage Company and does it look yuuuummmy, but at 24$ for a liter this is just a once in a while when i we really need a hotel room treat. I will be buying this (a special surprise for The Hubs and I'll report back how it went tasted!!

so in parting I leave you with this...

*neh, probably not...

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